Peanut Butter, Banana & Honey Stuffed Almond Crusted French Toast

Peanut Butter, Honey & Banana Stuffed Almond Crusted French Toast

Weeknights can be crazy sometimes they can be downright insane. Many times after a full days work, be it in the office or attempting to clean the house while keeping little ones busy, it’s hard to find that final push to make dinner. All of us are looking for ways to make life easier and… 

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Almond Pillow Cookies

Almond Pillow Cookies 8 (1)

The crispy cookie has always been my kind of cookie.  OB likes soft chewy cookies. The only cookie that we can seem to agree upon are Oreo cookies. Who doesn’t love Oreo cookies?  Except for the new watermelon flavored Oreo cookies.  I haven’t tried them, but there seems to be something inherently wrong with the… 

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Mother’s Day Mini Dutch Pancakes with Cherries & Almond Ricotta Mousse

Dutch Pancakes 35 (1)

I know it has been a long time since I have been here to share with you.  I never had any intention of letting so much time go by, but life has been busy.  Also I was having some major computer issues.  My wonderful 4-year-old MacBook, which I loved with all my heart had begun… 

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Peaches & Marscapone Cream Eclairs with Amaretti Crumble & Caramel Sauce


While in culinary school I took a course on pastry.  I grumbled and whined when I saw that pastry was next on my course work.  You see as much as I love cooking, baking I can do without.   I know, I know, “But what about all the yummy desserts on your site?” you ask…. 

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Mantecaditos con Guayaba ( Shortbread Almond Cookies with Guava)

The holiday season is around the corner and it is time for a holiday cookie.  I adore these cookies.  My mother use to make them all the time for my sister and I.  She would usually fill the dimple with strawberry jelly, which would melt and become chewy.  It was my favorite part because it… 

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