Sleepless nights…..Ok not SleepLESS just SleepLITTLE

I have been spending almost every night thinking of a million things that have to do with this wedding and it really is not that big of a deal. I mean this is not some Big Fat Fabulous Wedding, it is a simple Big Fat Puertorican Wedding. (As simple as I can get it) I am glad to say that so far everything is under control. For a moment I did have some fears of some relatives showing up with a HUGE carlderos of rice and some disposable foil tray of roasted pork. Oh! and hand made arrangements of silk flowers with some dollie lace…..EEEEK! LOL  But so far so good, everyone has been great….more then great! Which basically means they are being very helpful and not giving a bunch of pushy “this is what I would do” type opinions. You know what I mean?  I am very greatful and it makes this whole expericance that much better.

Now my next goal is to get all the info I need for the guestlist like emails and addresses. I really want emails so I can send out Save the Dates. I need Obed’s mom to sit down with me and her trusty address book, which is in pieces and only see can read….:D. Monday is the goal.

Ok sooooo, so far I have the location The Sandbar booked:

Photographer is booked and she is AWSOME! Take a look at her site and do a search for Sandbar and you will see more pics of the location.

Also her husband will be the DJ, he is booked:

Today I am meeting with a florist and I have the bridesmaids dresses finally picked out! HURRAY! That was a dilemma in and of its self. Also I think I have found my dress but that one I am going to keep a secret. 😀  Click on Bridesmaids 411 on the right to get a peak at the dresses.

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