Sappy Love Clichés Do Happen!


This is my dear friend Rebecca who will probably never speak to me again for putting this picture of her on the internet.  She is a darling sweet girl, don’t let this vicious photo fool you .  Rebecca was one of my bridesmaids 1 year and 8 months ago.  I cannot believe it has already been that long.  At my wedding she met a young man by the name of Jerry who was one of Obed’s groomsmen.  Believe it or not….as sappy as it may sound these two were in our bridal party, met at my wedding and fell in love.    I can’t blame Jerry she is such a pretty girl, look at those pearly whites.

A few months after they met and enduring a long distance relationship, Rebecca moved from Virginia to Florida to be closer to Jerry.  Don’t they make a lovely couple?  Over the 4th of July weekend Jerry popped the question and Rebecca said yes!  YEAH!  They have set the date for January 10th and get this…. I am a bridesmaid and Obed is the best man.  HA!

wedding 6

This is a photos of the very moment that Jerry came over to tell me that he thought Rebecca was cute.  I am saying, “Dude!  You should totally go talk to her, she totally thinks your cute too! OMG!”   Yes I regressed back to high school…it happens.

wedding 4

Here they are danceing…..

wedding 3


wedding 2

..and dancing the night away!  I don’t know what is up with Becca’s expression. Maybe Jerry stepped on her toe?


My husband busted a few moves too with my mom.  I LOVE this photo! I just had to share it with you.

wedding 5

Well, this weekend I am taking off to celebrate my friend at her bridal shower in Virginia Beach, VA.   The coolest part of this bridal shower is that 15 wonderful ladies pitched in to buy Rebecca’s ticket to fly to Virginia and celebrate her shower with her closest friends.   This is going to be a blast!  A whole weekend of girls having fun!   Thank you so much to all you ladies that helped pull this together for Rebecca.  You ROCK!

Jerry n Becca

I can wait to see you!   Love you Becca!



  1. Rickita Whitten says

    Yay…I love reading Rebecca’s story!! (Reads like a sappy Reader’s Digest article…hahaha!) I wouldn’t believe it except for I know all the characters (and characters they truly ARE!) Thanks for being a wonderful friend to Rebecca…keep reminding her to “pay it forward!”

  2. susan says

    As one who was in the wedding party as well, I witnessed this love story in the making. The photos crack me up–especially the one with the candy hearts!! Now that I think about it, I was paired up with a married guy. How’d Rebecca get paired up with the single guy? Something doesn’t seem right here… LOL


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