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Skincare is Vital

When I was younger my mother always emphasized good skincare.  If I sat there stretching my face or rubbing my eyes too hard she was always there to say, “Don’t do that you will get wrinkles.”  If I was about to go to bed with a full face of make-up, she would make sure that I washed and cleansed before bed.  My mother is the one who bless me with good skin.  I never went though some horrible awkward pimple stage.  I have always had good skin and been complimented for it. 
However recently I got glasses and I was not happy with what I saw.  I suddenly saw all of these “issues” on my face.  I had a rash of red dots, circles under my eyes and a wrinkle!  I have a wrinkle on my laugh line.  It is my first “official” wrinkle.  I am going to name it Sam.  To put Sam in his place I got myself a friend, her name is Olay and she does her work in the cover of night.
Yes I will admit I am probably over reacting.  It is probably because I just turned 30.  But hey it is better to be proactive then reactive right?  I will say one thing, my glasses are not my friend right now. 
Yesterday after work I told Hubby that I was going to stop at the drugstore on the way home to pick up a face cream.  Here was our conversation.
“What for?”
“I am having issues and I need to pre-empt the wrinkles and circles from taking over my face.”
“That stuff is a bunch of crap.”
“I disagree! My mother has been slopping that stuff on her face since I can remember and she is like……52 (?) and looks great!”
Boys they just don’t get it.  I tell myself he will appreciate it when I am 52 and still smoking hot. 😉


  1. Veronica says

    P.S. Oh yeah, keep us updated on Sam, is he diminishing?

    I have to take care of my face as well, I’ve never really taken good care of it and am starting to have spots and whole bunch of other stuff, no wrinkles yet (but plenty of gray hair). I saw a commercial ad on Murad Resurgence that I’m thinking of trying, do you know what I’m talking about.

    Till next time! Veronica

  2. Veronica says

    Hi Meseidy,

    my name is Veronica. I’ve been checking out your blog for quite some time, I have to say, I’ve never been a blogger and don’t think that I am sure of what that term even means, but your site is very professional looking.

    I found your site while looking for a good recipe for limber de coco, I am one of the ladies that make and sell them, but I’m not old, well I am old but not that old! (I’m 29 yrs. old) I sell the limbers for $1.00 though, for me they’re very expensive to make and I need to make a profit, I have 5 kids so every last literal penny counts, literally!

    I really like your sense of humor, and judging on the way you express yourself on this site and with the reading of your new friend, or not so much friend; Sam, I’d thought you’d be older than some 30, so it surprised me to know that you were my age and it seems like your life is perfectly in order. You mentioned that you and your hubby are puertorican, where did you guys live before OK? How do you enjoy living there?

    I’ve been meaning to email you for a while and am not sure If I’m supposed to be doing it in this section, but this is where the moment struck me! LOL (I am used to putting absolutely everything off till tomorrow, and of course tomorrow never comes!) But I just wanted to sort of introduce myself to you and let you know that I enjoy reading your recipes, and by the way your photography is very talented, the pictures are really eye-catching.

    I will be trying your pot pie this week, Fall is also my favorite time of the year!

    Thanks for providing an entertaining blog, hope all goes well.


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