Roooooad Triiiiip!


Things this past week were close to insane.  I was crazy busy and barely put a foot in the kitchen unless it was for a bowl of cereal.  It was all my doing, I over committed myself and decided to throw an impromptu road trip into the mix.  Because that is how I roll.

Sofa Ad

It started because of the new CraigsList Pro app that I downloaded on my iPhone.  Obed and I are craigslist junkies and this app is awesome.  I had a saved search for danish modern furniture that searched OKC, Tulsa and Kansas City.  That is when I stumbled upon this ad.  I pointed it out to Obed and mentioned how it was a same that we couldn’t get it.

His response, “It’s only 4.5 hours.  I can borrow a trailer and leave work early tomorrow.”   And, that is exactly what we did.  I decided I was going to document the whole trip using the camera from my phone.

We hitched the trailer, made snacks and loaded up two of the dogs.


Honey was very excited about going on a road trip.  She loved to ride in the car.


But, then I told her it was going to be a long drive.  At least 4 1/2 hours each way, she was not pleased to hear this news.


We got on the road right on time.


After a short amount of time I decided to take some feet up on the dash board, road trip pics.


I played with the settings to change up the colors and border, until I found something I liked.


I had just downloaded the Hipstamatic app with all of the lens kits.


Jake was with us too.  He wouldn’t lay down because he wanted to be able to see out the window.  He spent about 85% of the trip in this same position.


Eventually we needed to make a pit stop.  The dogs needed to go potty and so did we, it was also time to stocked up on healthy and nutritious road trip food.  Obed always gets Funyuns when we go on road trips, I usually get Combos but decided to change it up with some turtle Chex Mix.


We hit the road again. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about.

I think I learned a little about football.  Obed talked about the Airstream he wants to buy some day and I ran some recipes ideas by him.

I also played several games of Sudoku and unlocked up to the hard level.  I use to suck at Sudoku so I was pretty proud of myself.


Then we crossed into Kansas and there were fields and fields of corn.  It is Kansas after all.


Suddenly things got a little bumpy.  We were detoured down a dirt road out in the middle of nowhere Kansas.  It was bumpy, lumpy and wet.  By the time we got off the detour the truck was covered in mud.  We looked forward to cleaning it when we got home.


A one point during the trip I was smacked in the face by a not so pleasant smell.  Then i looked to my right and found Jake over the shoulder of my seat breathing in my face.  I promptly gave him a mint and asked him to please go back to his seat.


Finally after 4 1/2 hours on the road, a mile long dirt road detour, road trip cuisine that was attacking my stomach and stinky dog breath we arrived to our destination.

Super cute house right!?

The sofa was in better shape then I expected but, like a doof I forgot to take a picture.


He also had a matching chair that needed a home.  Obed and I talked about it and thought we should take the poor kid home with us.


We got it all loaded in the trailer and secured.  I still had no idea where I am going to put them but I was super excited to bring them home.


By then it was dinner time.  Cherry lime aid and onion rings anyone?


We made the long ride home in the misty rain and fog with our new sofa and chair in tow.


We hit the sack as soon as we got home.

Was it crazy to drive out to Leavenworth, KS to pick up a $50 sofa?  Perhaps…but we will probably do it again some day.  It was a bonding experience for us and I may make it to the expert level on my Sudoku game.

Apparently there is also a big prison in Leavenworth, KS but we didn’t visit.


  1. Diana says

    Very timely post. I just got back from a road trip of the same distance to pick up Okanagan white skin peaches, Gala and Honey Crisp apples in Osoyoos, BC which is located just north of Oroville, WA. Most Americans don’t realize that we share the same desert (Sonoran) and can’t believe there are cacti, black widow spiders, sagebrush and rattlesnakes in Canada. This area also happens to have a zillion amazing wineries and of course I had to bring home some wine, too.

    PS. I also love to have my feet up on the dash but I decided not to this time since I was driving.


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