Road Trip to Pop’s on Rt. 66

Since I have moved out to Oklahoma from the East Coast, I have learned that they speak a different language out here in the Midwest.  The most predominate difference has been pop vs. soda.  You see along the East Coast, and West Coast if I am not mistaken, a carbonated bottled beverage is called a soda.  However when you enter the areas of the Midwest it is called a pop.  This has created some confusion in a few conversations that I had when I first moved out here.  For example my co-workers were talking about a Strawberry Pop Cake.  I was confused because what I pictured was a cake with popsicles sticking out of it, which made no sense whatsoever.   I was told it was a cake that you pour strawberry pop or soda over. 

All this to say that last weekend Hubby and I took off on a mini road trip with our friends.  We headed out to Arcadia, OK, along Rt. 66, which is about a 1.5 hour drive.  We were headed out to a soda ranch…..sorry pop ranch. Do you know what a soda ranch looks like?  Are you picturing soda bottles running ramped on and open range with cowboys roping them into submission?   If so you are waaaaay off.   Please let me enlighten you. :)

If you travel down Rt. 66 into Arcadia, OK. you will come upon a HUGH pop bottle with a straw.  This is the landmark of POPS the convenience store/restaurant/gas station/shake shop/soda ranch.


The location has very interesting architecture with a “oning” that extends far out over the gas station and of course the huge pop bottle in front.  (See I said it ….”pop”….LOL.)


When we walked in the windows run for floor to ceiling and are lined with colorful pop bottles.  No worries the bottles are glued to the shelves, so no need to worry your pretty little heads.


The place was packed and there was a 30-40 minute wait for the restaurant.  Mind you this place is out almost in the middle of no where.  We went ahead and put or name down and decided to do some browsing. 


First thing on the agenda is of course the pop.  My first choice was a blueberry pop.  I literally tasted and carbonated blueberry juice.  I thought it was yummy, Hubby thought it was weird!  See the bottle says soda because it is from Maine!


Hubby decided on a cream soda.  He loves creme soda!  Do they still call it cream soda here in OK or would you call it cream pop.  I have never heard them say cream pop.  Hmmmmm?


After we made our first soda choices, we found a spot and hung out for a bit.  You know trying to act cool.    Amber did some Facebooking on her iPhone while drinking a sarsaparilla.  We may have to have an intervention and see about iPhone Anonymous. 


Mia was working on her sugar rush drinking an orange Crush.


I am not sure what was going on here.  Why Amber is so pensive or what Troy is saying, but if you look close I think Mia’s eyes are beginning to glaze over from the sugar. 


When we finally sat down and there was a list of their Top 10 most popular sodas on the table.  The first 3 were Dr. Pepper which I do not like and the 4th was a regular cream soda and the 5th was the blue cream soda, which was as sweet as all get out.   It has a taste of carbonated melted popsicle. 


We relaxed, chatted and ordered burgers and fries all around.  Our server was awesome, she was super friendly and was hooking us up with all different kinds of beverages.  I was even introduced to the chocolate soda by Amber, who is a huge fan of chocolate soda.  However I though it had a funny after taste.  We contemplated on this giant cookie dessert but we have our limits and we were stuffed and high on sugary drinks.  It’s a great way to be. :)

On our way out I had to get another picture of the pop bottle with the sun setting behind it.  Cool huh?  I don’t know why but I am suddenly thirsty again.


Also snapped this picture of hubby and is Pops to-go cup.  Isn’t he cute?  Him and his wrinkled t-shirt.  I didn’t realize it was so wrinkled until now.


We did leave with a little bit of loot.  Hubby and I each picked out 3 different bottles of soda.  I chose the Thomas Kemper Black Cherry (my favorite so far), Belenheim Ginger Ale, (which by the way had so much ginger it was hot to drink, I wasn’t able to finish it) and Blueberry Pop.   Hubby chose the Root Beer Main Root, Rout 66 Cream Soda and Boylan Ginger Ale. 


We also bought this cool little crate, which can hold up to 24 soda bottles.  Not that I have any reason to hold 24 soda bottles but the divider inside comes out and I figured it would make a cool tray. 

We had a blast on out little excursion down Rt. 66.  If you are ever in the area or live close by I would highly recommend visiting.   Although the architecture is very modern it has sort of and nostalgic feel to it. 


Per Ms. Amber’s Request.

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  1. Brooke says

    I am sad for you that you did not try to fried okra with ranch…it is unlike anything you have ever had and is worth going back for! I am an Oklahoma native living in Nashville and have tried to explain to my husband that Pops really IS cool even if it is in the middle of nowhere OK. My sister is in Tulas and is a food lover as well, I hope you two can cross paths!

  2. Laurie Flores says

    OK Meseidy.. I live like 10-15 minutes away from there. Must call next time you are in town. Would love to catch up!

  3. Amber says

    We totally gotta go back there!

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