Ribbon, little boxes and more wedding crap :)

boxI know that saying wedding crap isn’t the most endearing thing, but when you have alot of little things to do you have a lot of crap to do. :)With the help of girlfriends, my future sister-in-law and mother-in-law we have made approximately 100 wedding favors (we need at least 130) that each consist of a small box, a candle, 4 pieces or ribbon and a tag.  We have also made approximately 110 place mats (we also need at least 130) from burlap…..24 yards of burlap to be exact.  This required cutting it into rectangles and pulling the strings to fray the edges and then pull some out within the place-mat to create a pattern.  I never knew how messy and dusty burlap can be. Then Obed and I have had to sit and select music.  This choir is a little time consuming because we want mostly Latin and swing music not your typical wedding “cheese” music, although I did agree to allow maybe an electric slide and the chicken dance song, upon the request of my future mother-in-law. Now we are in the process of trying to round up all the RSVP cards and make sure that who ever is coming either tells us or sends it in, because of course being a predominately Puerto Rican guest-list the RSVP will be sent last minute if at all, instead we will receive a phone call.  With getting the final count I then have to start the seating chart and printing up place-cards. All in all it has been fun but I am so ready to be done.  We are in the homestretch…..according to my nifty wedding planning checklist I have about 70 more items of wedding crap to do. :) Ciao!

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