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You have have one of those days?  A day that if something went right it would not fall into the status quo of your day.

Several years back when I was still a singleton living by myself in a small studio apartment with a puppy that chewed on my shoes and carpet, chaos, disorganization and general madness was the status quo in my life.   It usually had to do with over extending myself, not managing my time properly and the fact that my new puppy had chewed the crotch….yes I said crotch out of my pants….and I now had to find something else to wear.   

Now-a-days things aren’t as chaotic as they use to be, the madness in my life is on a much smaller scale now, it usually involves a lost phone, lost keys, waking up late or putting my boots on the wrong feet……don’t judge me.

But yesterday….yesterday was a doozy.  It was a day of about nine unfortunate events.

The day started like any other normal day with a small difference.  We had gone to the Saturday night service at church for the first time, allowing us to sleep in on Sunday morning.  I though was a great start to the day.    It didn’t last long.

I got up to make Obed and I a breakfast smoothie and to my dismay the blender had died, so I just made some toast.  Grrr!(#1)

Then I thought I should go take a shower since I was planning on venturing out in public to hunt down a new blender.  When I walk into the bathroom there was water all over the floor and some nasty stuff had backed up into the tub.  Really!  Seriously!  (#2 & 3)  I laid towels on the floor to dry it and the water kept coming, that is when I realized it was coming from the base of the toilet.  So I close the valve, emptied the tank and it still leaked until the toilet was half empty.  Then Obed Draino’ed and plunged the tub and I made a note on my To-Do list to call the landlord.

After the Draino and plunge the tub seemed to be ok so I continued with my shower.  We headed out to hunt for a new blender, first stop Bed, Bath & Beyond, nothing we liked, second stop Williams & Sonoma, nothing we could afford (we should have known) final stop Target….found a blender we like and it was out of stock.  Really!?  Seriously!?  (#4) It was getting late in the day and we had some friends coming over for dinner.  I wanted to attempt to recreate a ravioli dish that I had while I was in Virginia Beach, VA for Rebecca’s bridal shower. I had a full day of cooking ahead of me and I needed to get cracking.

When we got home Obed left to try and fly his plane that I gave him for Christmas.    I was all set up to start cooking and I decided to toss a pistachio cake into the mix.   I grabbed my camera to shoot….because as a food blogger that is what I do.  After about 5 frames the screen on my camera says ERROR 99, Turn camera on and off or re-install battery.  I did this 3 times and it still gives me the error.  I change lenses and I still get an error, change CF card and still get error.  I beginning to freak out….panic….loose my mind and think the worst.   (#5)

I tell myself, “Meseidy keep it together, don’t loose it.”  At that moment I hear the garage door, Obed is home.  I walk out to the garage, see Obed and the first thing out of my mouth is “Obed, my camera….it’s not working!”  and then I cry, burst into tears and 5….4….3….2…1…..commence a total meltdown.  Could I be more dramatic? 

Obed starts to troubleshoot the camera while I continue cooking in the kitchen.  He grabs my laptop and plugs it in to search “Error 99” online  and that is when we discover that one of our 3 outlets in the living room is dead.  REALLY!?  SERIOUSLY!?  (#6)  Alas the camera still isn’t working but, I have hope.  Going to call the camera doctor.

I charge on in the kitchen determined to accomplish my goal.  Even if I can’t photograph my food I knew this day was going to make for an interesting post.  I have a small ray of sunshine and make a beautiful, yummy pistachio cake with caramond.  Just as I begin to think that things are starting to look up, the light on the ceiling fan in the kitchen flickers, goes out and a very small puff of smoke come out of the center.  At this point I can only laugh….with a mixture of tears. (#7)  I put on my To-Do list….REALLY NEED TO CALL LANDLORD!

The pasta dish that I was trying to make was a red wine braised beef ravioli, with roasted sweet potato in a brown butter sage sauce.   My beef braised beautifully, my pasta rolled out splendidly, my potatoes burned once and my sauce burned twice and turned out to be an oily mess.  I tried to save the sauce by whisking in some half & half but when I re-heated the sauce the milk and butter separated and it just looked yucky.  (#8 & 9)   Although I was not happy with the end product my husband and guests ate it happily and thought it was delicious.  I did not agree with their sentiments.

With all the madness and chaos I did not manage to keep up with my kitchen.  By the end of the night it looked like an atomic bomb of dirty dishes and burnt pans had dropped in my kitchen.   After everything was done and over with and my guest had left I got in my car drove to another Target and found my new blender.

Today I plan to stay very quiet and very still and hopefully it will be uneventful.



  1. Amanda says

    Unfortunate event #10…your guest, for whom you so graciously cooked dinner, broke your lamp on her way out. :) I thought the food was delish, and so did my hubby!

  2. says

    I am so sorry that you had such a bad day. Sounds very familiar to me,those are what I call Leprechaun Days. The little mischief makers are out and about in full force and there is nothing you can do but crawl under the covers hide and start over the next day. Hope the landlord came quickly and most especially that the camera doctor was successful. Watch out for those Leprechaun’s in the future :)

  3. Stephanie Drye says

    Oh my gosh! I think I would have just had to sink to my feet in the midst of my messy kitchen with a wine bottle in hand!

  4. Susan says

    Craziness! I must say that when I spoke to you at the conclusion of your day, you were quite stable given the “really? seriously?” kind of a day you had. Such growth since the day of the crazy dog who ate the crouch of your pants! Wasn’t that Samson? Or was Samson the crazy cat that the vet charged you “an aggressive pet” fee for? Now, that was a “really? seriously?” pet!

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing your bad–I thought mine yesterday was pretty bad (had to work on a Sunday, husband broke computer, then we discovered we had a major plumbing clog/issue so we couldn’t run any water in our house, even to take care of the massive pile of dishes I had created on a crazy unchecked cooking spree) but yours sounds worse! Hope your camera is okay!


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