Raise Your Hand If

Old School


The first time you ever got on the Internet was in college.

You played LPs.

You made mix tapes.

You had a poster of New Kids on the Block in your bedroom.

You had a pager before you had a cell phone.

The shows you watch in high school are now on Nick at Nite.

You once had a spiral perm.

You used an IBM typewriter in college.

You remember the show Perfect Strangers.

Pat Benatar is on your playlist.

You wore Keds and did the tuck and roll.

McDonald’s used styrofoam containers and had no “Hot Beverage” warnings on their coffee cups.

You know what Smokey and The Bandit drove.

You ever wished you had an Uncle Buck.

The first game console you ever played was an Atari.

Blossom was once your  style icon.

You wore jelly shoes.

You watched Ghostbusters 143+ times.

You know the Fraggle Rock theme song.

You ever wished you were a Goonie.

You wore a Swatch watch.

You owned a pair of Punky Brewster high-top sneakers.

You ever wore a Star Wars Halloween costume that was a plastic suit and mask.

You know all the words to “Ice Ice Baby”.

Yeah you’re totally cool……



  1. Lola says

    raising both of my hands… But it feels nice to have lived and seen soo many changes during these years. I hope my kids will experience the same

  2. Mari says

    OMG YES!! Still shaking my head at “The shows you watch in high school are now on Nick at Nite.” Sad, but true. Love that picture. Asteroids and Space Invaders rock!! 😉

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