Practice Makes Perfect

Did you know that the best way to start a wedding rehearsal is to rehearse it backward.  Not walk backwards…silly!  Start with everyone lined up at the front, practice walking out and then practice coming back in and lining up again.  Follow? 

Do you know what the bride can expect of her bridesmaids during a wedding rehearsal? 

A sudden onset of ADHD.

Messing and teasing each other while standing up front.

Bursting out into “God Bless America” when the bride practices her entrance.

Being scolded by the bride’s mother for not paying attention….and then making her laugh along with them because they are such dorks.

Not that any of these things happened during said wedding rehearsal…..ok they did but it was best we got it out of our system when we did.

But really we were all very composed and well behaved.  Exhibit 1, look at the style, elegance and grace of  that the matron of honor (Becca’s little sister) projected.  She was the pillar of class and dignity.



And Hannah always smiling was this a my toes are frozen and most likely frostbitten but I am going to smile, because I am a bridesmaid and that is my job, smile?


Of course I could not resisted the “Hey take a picture of me taking a picture of you” picture.  We may have excelled to a new level of dorkdom.


Ok Meseidy get the ADHD under control and pay attention.  Back to the rehearsal.   Here Jon the pastor blocks “the kiss”.


This I believe qualifies as looks of disappointment.  Chill out folks you will get your kiss and whatever else you want…starting tomorrow.


Now we practice our exit.  My fellow bridesmaids and I though of singing “God Bless America” backwards but it was just too difficult and we were cold.


Obed, the Best Man, practices his exit with Ellen, the Matron of Honor.   I don’t know what is with the face….I don’t think Ellen smelled or anything, maybe they were having a deep theological discussion.


Check out the cute little paper bouquets that Becca’s sisters made for us.   Beth and Hannah were smart because they had gloves on.  I had to hold mine with my teeth sometimes so I could put my hands in my pockets.  If that isn’t the definition of class, I don’t know what is. 😀

I am missing a picture of one more bridesmaid, no clue how it happened.  Shout out to Stephanie!


Aaaaaad scene! 

We are rehearsed.  We know everything that we have to do and what not to do…like sing “God Bless America”…. during the brides processional….that maybe frowned upon….aaaaand Becca’s mom may throw a shoe at us.


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