Pantry Finds: What’s in Your Pantry? I Got Olives

Moving logistics are in full swing.  Timing movers, transport and taking possession of a house is challenging to say the least.

Today I decided to tackle the task of cleaning out the pantry.  I thought I would share  a few items that I had forgotten about. Which led me to wonder, why did I buy them in the first place?

I think I bought these for a catering job and then decided not to use them.  But hey! If you need 42 oz of large Spanish olives I am your gal.  Maybe you can make some olive loaf? Maybe not?

Pantry 3

Here I have a giant stack of wafer paper.  Mind you when I bought this I really only needed about 4 sheets but the only way to buy it was this large stack.   I  bought this to make an almond nougat.  It failed miserably.  I held on to the wafer paper planning on trying it again.  That was probably a year ago.

Pantry 18

I found a curious array of canned fish items.  I do not recall buying these which leads me to believe that OB bought them.  For what reason I don’t know.  I can work with the crab meat but, the kipper snacks and fish steaks I’m not so sure about.

Pantry 15

I found one lone package of ramen noodles.  Again I suspect this was OB’s dinner while I was traveling.

Pantry 10

Ok, don’t freak out.  I bought these and I kind of love them.  I know some of you maybe all “Ewwww! Octapus!” But trust me it’s good stuff. Makes a great kind of ceviche salad.  I make it as a quick snack sometimes and serve it with toast or crackers.  Don’t judge! I’ll post the recipe one day and you can try it for yourself and then judge me. 😀

Pantry 9

FYI, I HATE strawberry flavored anything, especially quick.  Reality check, this is not what strawberries taste like.  The only reason this exist in my pantry is because a friend asked me to make them a strawberry cake like the one you buy in the stores.  I tried and failed. I think it’s time for strawberry quick and I to part ways.

Pantry 8

I don’t know, don’t remember and don’t understand.

Pantry 7

You know sometimes you want to pretend you’re an astronaut and so you drink a glass of Tang.

Pantry 6

There you have it, just a few random items I found back in the dark corners of my pantry.  If you were to go right now to your pantry what would be the most random item we would find?

Alright, time to get back to work.


  1. Monica says

    I loved this post! I go through my cabinets every six months and find myself asking “WTH” a lot more than i would like!

    The pulpo in the can just proves how Hispanic you are! I’ve never seen a non-hispanic purchase that!

    • says

      Chris you crack me up! Yup! I am working on and seafood olive loaf, shaped between sheets of wafer paper, with a strawberry & tang glaze and served or over a bed of ramen noodles. Eeeek!

  2. says

    G’day and thank you for the chuckles today, true!
    I think everyone worldwide can relate to their pantries and what accumulates in them too!
    I started a series on my blog called In The Pantry creating meals with items I solely had in my pantry, was an eye opener for me!
    Cheers! Joanne

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