Old Window / Modern”ish” Headboard

Do you remember these widows that I got way back at an estate sale for $2 each?  Ok if you don’t remember you can read more about them here.  Originally I thought I would sand and paint them and use them as picture frames for my kitchen.  But then I moved and my kitchen no longer has available wall space for picture.

I thought to myself for a long time what the heck was I going to do with these windows.  Then one day I was checking out a post over at my friend’s blog The Stories from A to Z and it hit me!  The palm of my hand went straight for the center of my forehead *SMACK*! DUH, I can make a headboard for my guest room.

I have been in the process of decorating my guest room and for some reason never thought of the headboard.  I am sure it would have occurred to me eventually, I guess I just wasn’t there yet.


I took a day in a very hot garage with safety glasses on, a face mask and gloves.  I removed the hardware and window panes from the frame, which was not easy and sanded them down.   I sweated like a dog and developed a solid case of B.O. in that hot garage but I got it done!

When working with old widows like this it is important to use a mask because more likely then not the paint probably has some lead in it.

Estate Sale

Once the frames were sanded I filled any holes with wood putty and painted it with white spray paint.

I am decorating the room in a sort of modern style, so I had a hard time at first trying to figure out how to decorate the headboard.  I found a blank stencil at Hobby Lobby and designed a pattern on my photoshop.  I used an exacto knife to cut the pattern out the stencil.  I then stenciled it using a roller, on to foam board cut to the size of the window pain.


I did only every other board with stencil and the other I hot glued on white muslin that I found in the scrap bin at JoAnn’s.  I popped the foam board “panes” into the frame and ran hot glue around the edges to secure them in.


TA-DA I have a new sort of modern headboard from old, old widows.

I am waiting to paint the wall before I hang them but, but they are done and I love them.


Come back for more updates on the guest room and future appearances of old chair, vintage fan, 50’s charcoal drawing, redone dresser and IKEA!



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