New Look: Would You Like a Quick Tour?


If you haven’t noticed The Noshery got a new look.  I have been wanting to do it forever so I am pretty psyched about it, not to mention I absolutely love the new look.  The best and worst part it I did it all by myself.  After a sleepless night and pulling out a few hairs I got it done and it was totally worth it.

Would you like a tour of my new pad?

N0. 1

If you look up you will see  that our little lady got a bit of a make over.  The two things that you will probably notice the most is her FAB new haircut.  Also if you notice she got a little curvier from all those goodies she has been eating.  I believe in being realistic.

No. 2

Wicked new slide show thanks to the folks at SlideDeck.  It has a short excerpt from the post, a cute little picture.

site tour

No. 3

Another cool feature of the SlideDeck is that  you can click on the buttons below to view other featured posts.

No. 4

Here are some great networking buttons.  From here you can email me, follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my RSS Feed or become a fan on my Facebook page.

No. 5

If you scroll down a bit you will see some pictures to the right.  Being a Puerto Rican I had to find a way to proudly display plantains and pork.  Click on either of these images and you will see all of my plantain and pork recipes and because we all want something sweet after dinner, if you click on that marshmallow you will get all kinds of sweet treats.

Site tour 2

No. 6

If you look all the way down at the bottom you will see a new tool bar, thanks to Wibiya.  This toolbar is pretty cool and interactive.  From here you can search and translate the page if you need too.  You can also see recent post, how many people are actively online and because you love me, you can “like” my facebook page.

Other things you can do is subscribe to my twitter, view random post, view my facebook page and twitter page without leaving The Noshery, share content and subscribe to my RSS FEED, all with one click.

No. 7

The final cool thing and feature on the new tool bar is that you can chat.  If you see a number nest to the Let’s Chat sign it means someone is in the chatroom and a lot of the times it will be me.  So if you see someone is in the chatroom and you have a question, click on it because it might be me ready to answer your question.

We have now come to the end of the tour.

Please exit to the right and watch your step.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ayda says

    My husband emailed me a link to your website (particularly the Pastelon recipe) and said that he wanted to try to cook that dish. I had to read it twice to make sure I read it right! He never ever cooked!! But I guess he found your website interesting and your recipes and visuals are so easy.. Gotta tell ya, I love your website, it’s design, everything…. I go there everyday! From one boricua to the other, great job mija!


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