Need a Third Hand?

Arroz con Gandules

Third hand

This is short, quick and easy.  Ever wished you had that third had to take a picture of a bite of food on a fork or spoon?  Run out to Wal-mart and pick up an alligator clip, they are about $2.  Clip it to the end of your fork or spoon and rest it on a glass.  TA-DA you have a third hand and your food in securely in place for its photo op.  If you want to adjust the height just get a taller or shorter glass.

No shaky hand issues or guessing how close or far to hold it from the lens.  Sweet!

Arroz con Gandules 600x300

See what a third hand can do.


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    I love reading all the different food blogs that are out there…but I’ve got to say that since I subscribed to yours, I have loved every recipe and it just seems so timely. I had been looking for a great Sofrito recipe and my girlfriend from Puerto Rico had made Pink Beans w/ Ham for me (once), but I never had a similar recipe till yours. I love your photos and your stories. It is so entertaining and beautiful, too. I really appreciate your hard work and the delicious recipes. Thank You!!!

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    Of course, if you’ve got a husband who is a TOTAL woodshop-guru, then you don’t even need to run out to WalMart, ’cause you have these things in the garage! (He’s so picky about “having the right tool for the right job,” LOL) 😉

    Thank you so much for this brilliant and simple tip; I’ll have to use it the next time I want to food-blog!

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