My Vacation in an InstaGram

Last Monday I packed a bag, hopped in the car with my hubby and headed out to the airport hoping and praying that I would get a seat on the plane.  The downside about flying stand by is that….well, you may be left standing by watching everyone skip onto the plane to take their vacations or see their loved ones.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a seat, the lady behind the counter said she didn’t like the look of us, something about Obed having a lazy eye.  That’s not really true, Obed doesn’t have a lazy eye and it turned out that the flight was just full.  Our luggage however did make it on the plane and was due to arrive to its final destination before we did.  Stupid duffle bag!

After we missed our first flight it looked like it was unlikely that there would be room on the next one, so we had to go to plan B.


What was plan B?  To trek back to the car with no luggage and drive 2 hours to northwest Arkansas.

Did you know that there is a itty-bitty-tiny airport in the middle of nowhere near Bentonville, AR?  It is literally in the middle of small farms and countryside.  Apparently it’s there because Wal-Mart’s corporate headquarters are there.

While I was at the airport I caused a scene.  I like to cause scenes and make everyone look at me and freak out.  I especially like it when it involves blood and a bruised knee.  I enjoy the fact that I lack any ounce of grace and continually seem to find myself hitting the floor.   I got to enjoy this awesome trait of mine when I missed a step on the escalator and sliced my big toe.  The sweet couple sitting at the top of the escalator saw the whole thing happen.  I limped my way to the closest chair and saw that my sandal was bloody.  The couple immediately reacted and approached an officer to request some medical assistance.  I tried to tell him it wasn’t necessary, but within 5 minutes there was a paramedic giving me a medical pedicure in front of everyone in the airport.  He was kind enough to bandage me up and send me on my way.  I reassured everyone I was ok and gingerly made my way back to my gate.


Luckily enough our names were called and we boarded the plane.  Unfortunately since we didn’t make our first flight we were arriving in New York late and wouldn’t be able to get a connecting flight till the following day.  Not only were we having to stay the night but we had to switch airports because we arrived in LaGuardia and were leaving out of JFK.  What can I say we enjoy adventure and spontaneity.   Besides it was my first time catching a cab in NYC and I was excited about it in the dorkiest way possible.


When we finally made it to our hotel for the night, mind you with only the clothes on our backs and no toothbrushes, we ordered a NY pizza pie for dinner at 11 pm.


Going to bed on a belly full of pizza at 1 am to wake up at 4 am was probably the highlight of our trip.   (Insert sarcasm here.)


Arriving in JFK at 4:30 am is pretty desolate and to be honest kind of creepy.


Although flying stand by can leave you standing by while everyone else boards, it does have the benefit of possibly getting a seat in First Class.  Did you know that if you sit in first class you get a full meal on real plates, with real napkins and real silverware.    Not to mention the spacious seats and cozy blanket.  I was feeling pretty good sitting in First Class, I’m not going to lie.  It was like I was living that Seinfeld, except I didn’t get a giant brownie sundae.


Finally we were on approach to our final destination, San Juan, Puerto Rico.


I reserved a standard car but someone spotted the 4-door Jeep and decided that we needed an upgrade.  This individual shall remain nameless.


After getting a little lost trying to relearn all of the roads we finally made it to my parents house.  That is when my kid sister came over, it was hot so she needed to hydrate.  My kid sister is like me, but the complete opposite.  Trust me it would make sense if you knew us.


The next day we went to eat yummy roadside treats, like alcapurria.  It may not look so pretty but it tastes mighty yummy.


We stopped and ate lunch at “El Rancho Original” in Guavate, PR.  Guavate is the place to go if you want an awesome plate of pork with all the fix’ns.  I am drooling just thinking about it.


We drove down the mountain and made our way back to town.  My sister and her husband took us to a small artisan ice cream shop.  They had flavors like rice, red bean, coconut, tamarind and several others.  I got red bean ice cream with a dash of cinnamon.  My world was knocked off its axsis.  I promise to tell you more about this little shop in the very near future.


The next day we were going to spend time with my husband’s family but first we decided to take the top off and cruise  around the island for a bit.


Driving along the coast to see the water and beautiful beaches.


We had lunch at my favorite place in Old San Juan, La Bombonera.  It’s been around for decades.  My grandfather use to take my mother there for lunch when she was a kid and my mother took my sister and I when we were kids, it’s still the same.   This is where you find the best mallorca bread ever….seriously.


We continued along the coast on Rt. 187.


The next day we spent time with Obed’s family.

The two adorable darlings are the daughters of our niece, which makes me Great Aunt Meseidy.  How weird is that!?



Later that night I got to enjoy one of my favorite dishes, Mofongo relleno de camarrones or mashed plantains stuffed with shrimp.  The food was delicious, unfortunately the service was dismal.  I will expand on this experience later.


It had been a long day and we got home with full bellies, so we passed out on the sofa.


We met up again with my family.  My sister apparently joined some pirates and lost an eye in the process.


We used Google Maps on my iPhone to get around the island and found some beautiful locations along the back roads.


This is my Mami, the pirate and her husband on a ferry ride to a restaurant at Lago Dos Bocas.  My sister felt very at ease on the water, being a pirate and all.


I ate more food, because that is what you do on vacation, right?  I mean calories and fat don’t stick to you if you are on vacation.  It’s like some law of physics. That is my story and I am sticking to it.


I ate more but this time it was sweet.  It was necessary to balance out the meal.  It the part of the meal that seals the deal on canceling out calories consumed.


After dessert the rain came and the mist rolled in and I wanted to take a nap. 


The next day we got up at 4 am to catch a 8 am flight to NYC.  We had a 6 hour layover in NY on our way to Arkansas and planned to venture into the city, but it turned out there was some parade going on downtown so we decided to stay at the airport.  At least there was an old favorite at the airport.

We finally made it back and after a two hour drive our vacation officially ended.

I was ecstatic to sleep in my own bed but sad to say bye to my family.

Also I was disappointed to find out that the whole calorie and fat law of physics thing was false….or maybe my scale is busted.  I can be hopeful right?


  1. Selenia says

    OMG y q mantecado de habichuelas? Q locura! como me hace falta mi borinquen! El mofongo ese se ve rico. How fun!

  2. says

    Love the Rancho place in Guavate. It’s a must every time I go to PR. If it’s Sunday, it a trip to Guavate.

    The instagram photos are fun. I’ve got to check into that.

  3. Paulina J! says

    I’m so jealous, but I’m glad you saw your family and ate yummy food. There’s nothing in the world like it. My family is in DR and I miss them terribly; I cry my eyes out at the airport every time. Where in AR are you? My husband and I will be relocating to the Memphis area in the fall.

  4. says

    What a great recap! You definitely covered all foods – er, bases – of a trip to PR. I live here and could definitely be more adventurous as to cool backroads. Thanks for the inspiration (and the Google Maps tip)!

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