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A little over a month ago The Pioneer Woman did a little giveaway that included Tasty Kitchen recipes.  The giveaway contest was readers would nominate a recipe from Tasty Kitchen and if picked the reader and the nominee would get a goodie bag from Chef’s Catalog.   I was pretty stoked about this contest because when I went through the comments I saw more then a few nominations for my Banana Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting and my Individual Scalloped Potatoes.  I was sure that I had a really good chance at winning something and I was very flattered by all the nominations.   Alas, when she announced the winners I was not one of them.  I was crushed! Devastated I tell you!   Ok not devastated but I was pretty bummed. 

Her plan was that she and some guest, who were Tasty Kitchen members, would cook the winning recipe and she would post about it.  The day comes and the post pops into my feed and as I was reading it she says she is doing a second giveaway and it was my recipe for Individual Scalloped Potatoes.  I about list it!  I thought I was hallucinating, but I wasn’t. There they were MY Individual Scalloped Potatoes….weird.

On Friday I got home and found this HUGE box in my front step.  Inside was this cute box tied with a big red bow.

The Box

Hanging from the bow was this too cute mini frying pan with Chef’s engraved on it.

Mini Frying Pan

And inside the box was all of this SWEET loot!  I think I was most excited about the cookie sheets.  The only one I had was one of those cheap ones from the grocery store that bends in the oven.  I would end up with curved cookies and pastries, very annoying.  The knife is the BOMB DIGGITY….yeah that is right I said BOMB DIGGITY…what of it?  This knife is so sweet I would sleep with it, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s a wee bit dangerous to sleep with a super sharp knife.  Besides I don’t think Obed would approve.

My Loot Header

The point is I was stoked and so excited to get just wonderful goodies! Thanks you Ree for the giveaway and second chance.  Thanks to Chefs’ Catalog for the loot that allowed the giveaway and THANK YOU Jennifer, whoever you are, for nominating me.  Isn’t this stuff sweet!?


  1. Connie says

    Mazel Tov on winning the kitchen goodies!

    I like reading your posts & seeing the pics. I also have two floor cleaners (Chihuahua mix dogs). They love it when I cook & drop food on the floor.

  2. susan says

    I don’t even know you and I love you. Wait, I do know you. And I know that you are a ROCK STAR! This post is the exact reason why you SO have to try out for the Food TV Network star show. You are a STAR! I heart you!

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