My First Conference BlogHer Food 2013

I will never know what could happen if I don’t step out of my comfort zone.  It’s so easy to just keep to my routine and what’s familiar.  Hunkering down behind my computer is safe after all, I know what is going to happen, it’s in my control and I know that yoga pants are permitted.  Yoga pants permitted will always win in my book.

This weekend I put clothes on appropriate for public viewing and crawled out from behind my computer.  It’s a good thing I did because some pretty awesome things happened.

BlogHer Food

I attended my first food blog conference hosted by my publisher network BlogHer.  Some pretty serious nerves bubbled up to the surface when I registered,  in fact I squealed when I submitted my registration.  Hitting that submit button brought on visions of myself  all alone in a corner chewing the polish off my fingernails, while everyone else had the time of their lives.  What can I say I have some social anxiety issues sometimes.

BlogHer Food

Luckily enough just a week after I registered and booked a hotel room my good friend Rebecca of Foodie with Family asked about hotel accommodations and I finagled myself a roommate.  Intimidating situations are easier when you have a buddy.  Besides she got invites to all kinds of parties and I got to tag along.

BlogHer Food

I cannot express how glad I am that I finally went to a conference.  It was about stinking time!  I could write this post and give you the whole blow-by-blow of everything that happened while I was there, but to be honest a lot of it is a blur.   The sessions were just what I needed.  If you would like to read about how to save a bad photo or improve your storytelling visit the live posts over at BlogHer.

BlogHer Food

If you have been thinking about attending a conference, especially a BlogHer conference stop debating and just do it!  You will be so glad that you did.  I talked to so many wonderful people and got to eat an insane amount of delicious food.  I got to catch up with friend and  partake in a community of kind creative women….and men.  Everyone that I talked to was welcoming and just plain happy to be there and geek out over food, tech and writing.

BlogHer Food

Everyone that I met had an individual point of view and specific voice.  I collected more cards than I thought I would and I look forward to checking out each and every one of these blogs.

I suggest you do the same.  You may be surprised to find out what you discover.  Here is a list with links to all of the blogger I had the privilege to meet over the weekend.

BlogHer Food

Rachel   A Southern Fairy Tale

Denise  Addicted 2 Recipes

Heidi  Apples Under My Bed

Annalise  Completely Delicious

Jules  Jules Blaine Davis

Alice Savory Sweet Life

BlogHer Food

Irvin  Eat the Love

Elaine Escapelicious

Flavia  Flavia’s Flavors

Dana  Hot Pink Apron

Kelley Mountain Mama Cooks

Heather Farmgirl Gourmet

BlogHer Food

Kristina My Life as a Mrs. 

Julie Peanut Butter and Julie

Camilla Power Hungry

Oriana Mommyhood’s Diary

Melisa Suburban Scrawl

Sheri Really Most Sincerely

BlogHer Food

Shefaly   Shef’s Kitchen

Elise Simply Recipes

Becky So Very Blessed

Kasee  The Apron Gal

Liz  The Lemon Bowl

Kristen Dine and Dish

BlogHer Food

Diane Momo Fali’s

Jim Busy Dad Blog

Lori Recipe Girl

Sommer  A Spicy Perspective

Merry-Jennifer  Merry Gourmet

Sandy Reluctant Entertainer

Bridget Bake at 350

BlogHer Food

Paula Bellalimento

Hayley  The Domestic Rebel

Brenda   A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

Ali  Give Me Some Oven

Lindsay  Love & Olive Oil

Julie  The Little Kitchen

Amy  She Wears Many Hats

Take some time and explore this great community of bloggers I promise you will be so glad you did.


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    Meseidy! Just saw your shoutout on your blogpost. Thanks it was so nice meeting and chatting with you too! Everyone was so nice and inspiring, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing y’all at the next Blogher food! <3

  2. says

    I NEVER would have guessed that you were nervous! You seemed so comfortable and confident! I agree with everything you said – I battled the same nerves, but ended up having an incredible time. I’m really glad I was able to meet you!

    • says

      I promise I am not stalking you Mrs. Rebecca! I am just happy to find you everywhere lately. Hi Meseidy! I am Melissa from Hungry Food Love. I first heard about you through NBC Latino when I got featured there too. I love your photography, your work and that you are Latina too. I was reading BlogHer Food recaps and found yours and it was fun to see you are also friends with Rebecca. I am attending BlogHer Food this year for the first time so if you girls are planning on going too I would love to be your roommate, meet you at the conference. Hugs! and I hope we stay in touch!

      • says

        You are so sweet! Just checkout your site and it is lovely! We will be at the conference this year, but unfortunately our room is full. However, if you like I can send you and invite to a great Facebook group made up of food bloggers. Its a great group to get to know other food bloggers and you may even be able to find a roommate there. I hope we get meet IRL! Take care!

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