My Dream Kitchen: Is It Too Much?


My Dream Kitchen


I had just a bit of time to kill so I though I would look at kitchens.  I have looked at probably 100’s of kitchens, but about 2 years ago this is the one that stole my heart.   Hubby and I have had many discussions on what we would do to our kitchen once we own a  house.  He seems to think that a red kitchen would not be a wise choice.  He thinks I will get tired of it or it will go out of date because it is too “trendy”.  But I LOVE red and no matter what I always seem to come back to this kitchen. 

Oh, be still my heart…….sigh!

Tell me what you think.  Do you think this is too much?  Does in burn your retinas?  or  Do you think it is absolutely gorgeous?  Don’t you just want to lick it?  Is that too weird?


  1. Virginia Tate says

    I say if you love it, go for it. Who cares about resale value? Are you planning on selling your new home any time soon? And if you do decide to sell it any time later, paint is very cheap. Make it neutral if and when. You have to live with it. You should love it!

  2. Susan says

    Okay, first things first: YES it is weird that you ask if I want to lick the kitchen. LOL. Second, maybe there is a happy medium here. Obed has a point about the whole resale value of a red kitchen. Maybe you can go with a more neutral choice for cabinets and generously add red in a way that it can easily be changed in the future (e.g., walls, accessories, door handles, fixtures, etc.). With that said, I think it would be cool if you had a red island. If you got tired of it, you could easily replace it.

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