Moving Day

After a month of house hunting, packing, sorting and cleaning the day has finally come.  Moving day was here.

The final push the day before the movers arrived was the hardest.  I thought the war zone of packing materials, stray stocks and random miscellaneous items would never end, but finally by 11 pm Sunday night the entire house was packed and ready for loading.  Everything hurt, I was covered in dust and was sporting some mean cardboard paper cuts on 3 fingers.

A few things I learned while packing:  I apparently collect cleaning supplies, have enough sheet pans to bake for a small army, and my coffee-making arsenal is more like a wilderness survival operation — prepared for everything.  It’s kind of ridiculous.

During the final day of packing we were closely under the supervision of Mr. Ornery himself, Buster.  He forewent his nap time, vigilant that every item was properly wrapped and packed.  I think he also wanted to be sure he wasn’t left behind.

By the way I also may own every spice in the world.  Yes, I know I am being dramatic and that maybe an overstatement, but seriously I think I own every spice in the world!  On the to-do list: buy 1,243 matching cute spice jars.  Anyone know where I can buy bulk?

Finally at 6:30 Monday morning I cheerfully hopped out of bed.  Ok fine, I resembled a zombie more than a cheerful humanoid, but I got up and got some much-needed coffee and our last amazing Tulsa sausage roll.  The breakfast of champions that was going to get us through moving day.

Buster is not a morning dog and was sporting some major morning bed fur.   Yet again he was not going to be left out of all the exciting daily happenings.

By 8 am our truck rolled in, it was getting really real, no turning back now.

Although let me just say that being all grown up and having your husband’s company provide a moving allowance is awesome.  We didn’t have to take apart a single piece of furniture, carry a single box or wrap a single item with blankets because they did it all.  I got to sit on my butt…I mean supervise.

As quickly as they came they left with all our stuff.   See you on the flip side!

As a reward we headed over to Tulsa’s best burger joint, Fat Guys Burgers and Fries!  I walked into this mighty establishment and with decisiveness and boldness ordered their peanut butter bacon burger, Thai style.  It has peanut butter, bacon and pineapple sandwiched between to thin beef patties and topped with sriracha and cilantro.  It’s the most amazing burger in all the world!  If you live in the Tulsa area get it NOW!  If not no worries I did you a solid and recreated it here, yes you are welcome.

We headed back to the house for the hounds and to grab any final items.   At the end of the day I had an array of random items in the pockets of my hoodie.

  • Buster’s Gental Leader
  • .30 in change
  • A pen
  • 2 lip balms
  • I think a luggage key
  • receipt
  • SD card with holder
  • glass cleaning rag
  • spare car key

Later that evening I found a milk bow in my back pocket. I don’t know why.

It was finally over.  The move was done and headed to the hotel for the night to relax.  Buster on the other hand decided to supervise the parking lot.  Making sure there were no accidents or thefts.

In a few hours we hit the road and say our final good-bye to Tulsa. I am sure it won’t be forever just see you later.

It was almost five years ago we found out that we were moving to Tulsa.  I am not going to lie I was not excited about the move, but after our time here I have to say that Tulsa is a great town and will always have a special place in my heart.  We made amazing friends, were part of a wonderful church and had many adventures.

I’ll miss you Tulsa, I can only hope that Dallas will be as good to us as you were.  See you later!


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    Congratulations on your move (and the moving allowance… Not every job offers one!). Small mason jars are great for spice storage. I keep the bulk spices on a shelf in the basement and keep normal portions in 8oz. Mason jars in the kitchen.

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    Welcome to Texas Meseidy. We are a friendly state that loves people. I hope you grow to love Texas as much as we do. Dallas is a beautiful city. We’re south of you in Houston. Enjoy your first week in Texas feasting on Tex-Mex. If that doesn’t turn you into a true Texas, I don’t know what will. Oh, yes. Then there’s the bluebonnets, Blue Bell Ice Cream, etc. You get the idea:)

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    The best matching spice containers at the world are at World Market or the Container Store, both of which will be very close to you. LUCKY!

    Not so lucky? Me. Still trying to see through the dust and missing you already!

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