Morning Routine

Morning Routine
Morning Routine

Oh hail ye the morning routine.  All of us have one, all of us do it our own special way.  There are many mornings where you will find me in the couch, hair in a towel, checking my email, with tea (sometimes coffee) and toast and a dog asking for attention.   I know that one day in the probably near future my morning routine will drastically change and I won’t be quite so relaxed in the morning.  

This photo is an example of using aperture/f-stop/depth of field to tell a story.   To learn more about see my previous post.


  1. Jennifer says

    TYPO: I meant, I hate feeding my little girl too late, just to put her to bed. (I DO feed her dinner every night). But it’s usually later than I would like to.

    • Karen says

      Hi Jennifer;
      I remember all too well, getting home at 6 to prepare a meal not to be eaten until 7…sometimes later…This is where you need to make the decision to cook on Sundays…make a huge pot of pasta sauce, a big bag of beans(that you’ve soaked the night before – if not soaked, don’t worry, beans can be quick cooked too…soaking makes ’em less gassy I’ve heard) season two big packs of chicken, prepare some hamburgers(make sure to freeze ’em). I used to make the following on Sundays for my kids (trust me, it saved my husbands,kids and my life):
      baked ziti, or/and lasagne (depending on the budget)
      chicken “nuggets” seasoned and breaded (not cooked, yet)
      then I would freeze everything in portions and cook as needed…then I could cook fresh veggies or make the salad (while helping with homework)…it isn’t easy, but knowing you’ve prepared for the week is SUCH a sanity saving thing…note: some weeks I only cooked two large meals and reserved with a variation…so you don’t have to do this much cooking EVERYWEEK, just enough to keep your freezer well stocked for the week…P.S. I also portioned out in little baggies snacks for lunches (put a little note in their lunch to let them know you are thinking of them ) (so I could make my little ones lunches the night before)…
      again, it’s not easy, but once you are in a routine…it’s not bad, and when they are grown, they will remember

  2. Jennifer says

    Love, love, love your recipes.!They look sooo tasty! I have to admit I am not much of a cook. Born and raised in NYC, I am alsways on the go. So I grew up eating pizza, burgers anything I could grab and go. Except when going to my “Abuelas”. That’s when I had some real good Puerto Rican food. Now, I have mouths to feed, other than my own. I am married and have a 1 year old little girl. So I am constantly searching for quick and tasty recipes. My hubby and both work 9-5, so our little one is in daycare. He picks her up so I can go straight home and get dinner started. The problem is I don’t get home until 6 and they get home at 7. I hate feeding my little girl too late, just put her to bed. Any suggestions on how to prepare for the week and have some tasty make ahead meals, quick and easy recipes? Also good healthy sides (veggies)? I can eat rice and beans EVERYDAY. But, now that I have a little girl I want to incorporate more veggies in my cooking.

  3. lisa marie says

    HI! I just found your website through This is GORGEOUS!

    I was raised in Green Country, about 35 miles north of Tulsa straight up Hwy 75. Do they still call the area of NE OK Green Country? I don’t get back there very often – roughly 3x a year. I live in Columbia, MO now – home of the University of MO, and a nice college town with very Good Eats.

    I’m favoriting your blog. I’ll be in OK for a few weeks at the end of May to celebrate my Mom’s 65th birthday. I look forward to more local dining posts so I can decide where to take this young lady for her birthday lunch!

    All best, Lisa Marie

    • Meseidy says

      Thank you so much! Please do come back for more, Hubby and I love exploring different dining spots here in Tulsa. Living mostly along the East Coast, Puerto Rico and being a city girl I though I was doomed moving out to Tulsa, OK, but I really like it here and there is A LOT to do.

      It is still called Green Country and it is really quite beautiful. Thanks for your visit!

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