Minty Fresh Bride

Hopefully from here on, my life will resume some normalcy and I will be back in the kitchen this weekend.   The holidays were busy, then we had a Susan come to visit and a few short days after she left Obed and I had to head out for Rebecca and Jerry’s wedding.  Almost as soon as we arrived in Florida I was on the run, but Obed and I couldn’t be happier to enjoy such a beautiful and blessed day with our friends Jerry and Rebecca.  Regardless of the Arctic chill that managed to make it’s way down to Florida everyone was excited and in high spirits.

I thought you may enjoy some “behind the scene” shots.

Here the bride nervously applies lip gloss.

Rebecca's Wedding

Just a little more….make sure it is between the “lines”.   Lip gloss application always calms the nerves…..right?

Rebecca's Wedding

Let’s get a closer shot of the dress detail….shall we.  Puuurrty!

Becca's Wedding

 Hannah feels like someone is watching her.  Do you ever feel like that?  I am not sure what is happening with Rebecca.

Becca's Wedding

Are you excited?  Getting nervous yet?  Anxious maybe?  Your not getting sick are you?  Did you brush your teeth?  Need a mint?

Becca's Wedding

Yes please! 

Open wide, don’t want to mess up the lip gloss.

Becca's Wedding

Ahhhh minty fresh.  FABULOUS!

Ready for the big kiss. 

By then who cares about the lip gloss.

Becca's Wedding

Stay tuned for some more wedding weekend fun!


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