These are a few of the things I say on a relatively regular basis.


     This can be in the form of an exclamation, question or when referencing someone directly.  It is a very versatile word.

“I seek sustanance.”

      I use this when hungry and in need of food.

“I need a beverage”

      Yup you guessed it….I’m thirsty.

“My britches are falling.”

      I recently lost some weight and really need to go shopping for some new pants, they keep falling down.

“I must pee”

     Self explanatory.

“I am a genius….yes…yes I am”

     Also self explanatory……HA.  No I just say it as an affirmation when I do something smart.

“Holy Crap!”

    Usually an exclamation of disbelief.

“Um….pedal on the right”

    A regular saying while driving and when the person in front of me seems to forget which pedal is the gas.

“Yo….green light go!”

    Also regularly used while driving and when at a light and the person in front of me spaces out.

Just a few Meseidy”isums”.

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