Me & Susan

Yes I am still alive….no I am not lying in a ditch somewhere…..yes, I know you feel neglected….yes, I confess I am a bad blogger.  Will you ever forgive me?

I haven’t started the New Year off real great when it comes to blogging.  Here it is January 6th and this is the first post of the year.  You have to forgive me it has been a wee bit crazy.

One of my bestest friends ever came to visit during the New Year and I was hanging with her most of this time.  I am also in the process of getting ready for a wedding this weekend.  My friend Rebecca’s wedding is this Sunday and I have to pack, clean, get the dogs ready, finish getting my dress fitted, deal with a shoe dilemma and I just realized I need to get a pedicure.   Madness!

Well enough of my rambling and attempts to muster some pity from you, let me introduce you to Susan.

Susan and I have been friends for about 7 years and we were roommates for one of those years, that was an interesting year.   Unfortunately we were missing our 3rd Musketeer Shelley who couldn’t join us, but we are hoping that this year the three of us can go on a trip together.   Susan and I are the clowns and Shelley is the anchor that keeps us on planet earth, although she has her moments as well.

While Susan was here she insisted that we get a picture taken together.  If you didn’t know I HATE….repeat HATE having my picture taken.  I prefer to pluck my nose hair with tweezers then get my picture taken, but I obliged my dear friend and allowed for my photo to be taken.  However a photo shoot with me can be a special experience.

In this photo I decided to strike a pose.  Susan ponders about what am I doing.

Susan & Me

Here I decide to blow her a kiss.  She…my…friend.

Susan & Me

Then I suggest we take one that makes us look intellectual.  This was easy for Susan because she is in fact a professor, I just look like I am gnawing on my glasses.

Susan & Me

Let’s give this a thumbs up shall we?

Susan & Me

After much protest I finally gave in and decided to act like I was somewhat of a normal human being, Susan decided to join me.

Susan & Me


  1. Amanda says

    Susan, you may have an entire posting dedicated to you but I have an entire posting dedicated to my mad picture-taking skills! I took all those pictures and now must find a way to purchase copyright on them. :) Although I am not quite at your achieved level yet, I still consider myself to have finally made it on Meseidy’s blog, allbeit in an unrecognizable way. I think I see myself in the reflection in Meseidy’s glasses though…

  2. Nereida Martinez says

    This is beautiful. I love seeing friends together. Makes me think of a Proverb..”..but there exists a friend sticking closer than a brother.”

  3. Susan says

    I made the blog! I made the blog! I have a whole entry dedicated just to me!!! I so wasn’t a big deal before today, but now I am! A Noshery blog entry suddenly has propelled me into stardom. You’ll need to talk to my agent from now on! LOL! Thanks for the shout out and I had a great time visiting you (and Obed and the dogs)! I miss you already and of course: Love you. Mean it.


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