Many Faces of Meseidy

Obed had been out of town on business and so I decided to make myself decent for his arrival.  Before I left to the airport I was going though pictures I had taken with the photo booth application on my MacBook.  Then I decided to take a few shots of myself.  Things stared to go south from there.

Photo 94

Photo 87

Photo 89

Photo 88

Photo 90

Photo 91

Photo 92

Photo 93

Photo 95

Photo 99

Then I started to play with the effects options and things got really weird.

Photo 100

Photo 102

Photo 103

Photo 104

Photo 105

But everything went back to normal so it’s cool now.  No worries

Photo 86


  1. Millie Gonzalez says

    You really are so pretty (never mind the fooling around). Loved seeing pictures of who you really are. You should consider changing the picture you use in your banner. It doesn’t do you justice! You go girl!

  2. says

    You are so funny! Sometimes it’s good to see not so great pix of ourselves… reminds us we’re not so bad the rest of the time.

    How sweet of you to get dolled up for your man.

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