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You may or may not already know, but OB, the wolf pack and I are moving to Dallas. In fact, I am currently writing to you during our first trip house hunting trip to Dallas. So far I would say that it has been challenging. We have a few things working against us especially since we are looking to rent first. Considering we are absolutely clueless about the Dallas area we are not ready to commit.

Our biggest obstacle seems to be that our three children have four legs. We did find a few property that welcomed our wolf pack, but the houses didn’t work for one reason or another. Not to mention OB’s work commute, the kitchen has to work for me, and we are considerably anti-carpet. But, I am not fretting. This is our first trip, and we still have time. I have faith that we will find the right house for us that will welcome our 3 four-legged children with open arms.


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Things that I am learning about Dallas:

The area is CRAZY GINORMOUS! I have lived in large cities before, but never this big. After spending 5 years in Tulsa, where almost everything is 15 mins away Dallas will be an adjustment. Also, timing is everything. A 25 minute drive and easily become a 50 min driving depending on what time your on the road and what direction you are going.

The on-and-off ramps can be insanely high. On my way to Ikea I had to take a ramp that’s so high it literally felt as if I was flying. It was creepy and cool all at the same time. I’m just glad that Dallas isn’t prone to earthquakes.

We could easily eat at a different place every night for years and never eat at the same place twice. The variety here is amazing. I am currently compiling a list of restaurants that I want to visit. Any suggestions? Monday night we went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Legacy for a big bowl of Pho. It was so heavenly that OB and I danced in our seats while we ate. This large bowl of steamy flavorful goodness was legit! After a long day of running all over Dallas and looking at houses, it was nourishment not jut to my body but also to my soul.


I maybe a little stoked about the fact that there is more than one Latin radio station and they don’t exclusively play Tejano. I haven’t heard a good salsa song or Spanish rock song from the radio since I left Florida. Nothing against Tejano, but it’s just not my jive.

If I am stoked about the Latin radio stations, I can’t even begin to tell you how elated OB and I were to find a Puerto Rican restaurant. We found a tiny little place in a strip mall called Adobo Puerto Rican Cafe. The smells that hit me when I walked in was like coming home. They have all the down home Puerto Rican dishes you would expect Bistec Encebollado, Pollo Guisado, Pernil, Alcapurria and MOFONGO! OB and I each got an order of mofongo y caldo with carne frita. They even have jugos del pais like parcha and tamarindo. Now me cooking isn’t the only option when we want down home food.


This morning I started the search for coffeehouses I can go to when I want to work out of the house.  I found quaint little place in Dallas called Crooked Tree.  There are a few things that are important to me when looking for a good coffeehouse.  First the coffee of course, WiFi is a must, but what coffeehouse doesn’t have WiFi these days? And, comfortable seating, after all if I am going to plant my rear-end in one place for more than 1 hour, comfortable seating is important.   Crooked Tree meets all of this criteria, but I need to find back-up options.  Any suggestions?

Tomorrow I am going to visit the Dallas Farmer’s Market, which looks awesome!  I am so ready to be spoiled with a farmers market that is open daily 362 days a year.  Tulsa’s farmer’s market is seasonally and has a conservative selection.   I also am planning visits to Whole Foods, Central Market, Trader Joe’s and any specialty markets in the area.  Some people like to visit the shopping outlets when they come to a new town, I like to visit grocery stores.

Have you visited or live in Dallas?  I am taking all and any suggestions.  Not just for restaurants, markets & coffeehouses, but also things to do like festivals, parks, events, etc.

Yours truly,

Dallas Explorer


  1. Melina says

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    I most certainly will recommend this web site!

  2. Bob T says

    Just stumbled on your site while looking for new turkey recipes. Your turkey recipe sounds wonderful and I hope to use it this year (depending on what the rest of the fam thinks).
    We’re in N Tex too. Lewisville/Carrollton area. I’m sending you a link to a place you will want to visit once you look over their menu. http://www.internationalbakerycubandulceria.com/
    The absolute best Cuban sandwich you will find here. In fact, they offer a Cuban and a Ybor City Cuban. Having spent many years in Tampa, I’m partial to the Ybor Cuban. Pastries are delightful. They are on Facebook also.
    Welcome to Dallas.

  3. chicky says

    Welcome to the Dallas area. I am originally from Puerto Rico, but live here since 1983. Getting old here.

    If you need to ask a question do not hesitate to contact me at my email. Good luck and welcome.

  4. Jane says

    Have you explored living in East Dallas near White Rock Lake? Great place to take your dogs- dog park and trail around lake. Casa Linda or Lochwood are two areas to check out. Goodfriend’s Burgers, Good to Go Taco, The Alligator Cafe and White Rock Coffee are near both neighborhoods. The Cuban Cafe is good according to a friend from Cuba. Curious to see what other new place you discover. I will check out the Adobo Cafe. Good luck.

  5. Norma O. Riess says

    I have a cousin who lives in Texas and is Puerto Rican. She recommends “The Latin Pig” in Plano, TX. It sounds better to translate it to El Lechon Latino. She and her husband who is Cuban, but was raised in Puerto Rican enjoyed this place much more than the “Adobo Puerto Rican Cafe.”

  6. Alex says

    Fellow Puertorrican-food lover living in the DFW here! Which makes me think: is there a Puertorrican who is not a food lover? Maybe we can discuss this over some arroz con cebolla, carne empanada y ensalada de papa… and wash it down with a nice piña colada with Don Q? Believe it or not, Don Q here is cheaper than in PR!!! Do you have to move to Dallas, or a close neighborhood/suburbs would work for you? Maybe the question should be: where will OB be working? Feel free to shoot me an email anytime. I’ve only being here for two years but kind of know my way around this place. Talking about festivals… this is Oktoberfest season, and many cities have their own. McKinney’s is this coming Friday and Saturday; most likely we’ll be there Saturday afternoon.

  7. Joanna says

    There’s a great coffee place called The Pearl Cup on Henderson (there’s also a downtown location, but it’s often hard to park there), a hole-in-the-wall Latin-inspired sandwich/salad place called Latin Deli on Abrams and Northwest Highway and tons of great restaurants and cute shops (including a pie place!) in the Bishop Arts District in Oak Cliff. I’m a Dallas native and a food lover, so I’ll be excited to hear about your adventures here and maybe offer a suggestion or two. :)

  8. Lynn S says

    If you are in town this weekend you and your husband should go to the Greek Festival. Here is the website to get more information regarding the address, days and times http://www.GreekFestivalOfDallas.com. There is really great food, music, etc. Even though I live in Fort Worth we still love to go to people watch, eat (especially to eat) and have fun.

  9. says

    I love love love Adobo. It’s a treasure when you live away from the island.
    You might want to check out TERRA for Mediterranean food. They have a buffet every week day for lunch. It is yummy.
    Also LaDuni is a source of yummy goodness that is worth putting on your list. They have a tres leches cake (they call it cuatro leches) that is drop down the best I have ever had. Good luck on your house hunting and Welcome to the Lone Star state!

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