Lead Foot Under Threat of Being Amputated

This is not my proudest moment but it was bound to happen.  I mean really it was a matter of time.  At 29 years old I received my first speeding ticket and man was it a dozy. Now this is not the first time I get pulled over, but it is the first time I get a ticket.  Apparently I am not as young and cute anymore…..LOL

Hubby had been out of town for a few days at a conference and flew back in on Tuesday.  I was excited when he called to tell me that they had finished early and were catching an earlier flight.   The plan was he was flying into the airport and carpooling to his office where I would pick him up.  I told him to call me when he was about 15 mins out from him office.  Well he got distracted and called me 5 mins. out instead.  So excited to see my husband again and in a hurry I jumped into my 4 cylinder Honda Element and jumped on the Polk Parkway. 

Now indulge me as I make excuses.  First I live in Florida which is pretty flat and the highways maximum speed limit is 75.  So I jump on the park way trying to reach my customary 80 mph, because 5 mph over is usually no big deal.  Well big stinking mistake because apparently the Parkway is very different from the highway….because it is 65 instead of 75.  As I am “flying” down the Parkway and a little distracted this Sheriff’s car comes out of no where and pulls me over.  I was informed then that I was doing 78 in a 65….that is 2 mph below reckless driving.  To top it off I could not find my registration. 

I called Hubby to let him know that I was going to be running a little late.  Oh, and that I would be greeting him with 2 tickets one for $183.33 for speeding and one for $75.00 for driving without my registration.  On the plus side if I take the ticket and show my registration they will wave the $75.00 fine.  I am also very lucky to have a husband that can chuckle and my special surpises and just threaten to cut off my lead foot. Considering I have to go to traffic school to avoid getting points on my license they might as well cut off my foot.  SUPER FUN!

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