Kilkenny’s Pub Irish Pub

Kikenny's Irish Pub

Kikenny's Irish Pub


Inside Kilkenny's Irish Pub

Inside Kilkenny's Irish Pub

Last night Hubby decided to take me somewhere I haven’t been.  We went for dinner out to Kilkenny’s Irish Pub .  Hubby had been their earlier this week for lunch with his co-workers.  When you walk it the place oozes Irish.  The interior is trimmed in beautiful dark mahogany wood, it has red brick walls and they are playing traditional Irish music. 




Kilamacow Boxy

Kilamacow Boxy

We were sat in the main dinning room just next to the bar area.  The menu is very ample, it took us forever to make a decision.  They offer traditional Irish items and more common American items.  They also have a great pub menu with all kinds of goodies.   After about what seemed like 30 mins. of reviewing the menu I finally decided on a Boxy.  Boxyis a traditional Irish dish, common to rural Ireland, a grilled potato pancake stuffed with your choice of filling.  They offer 7 different fillings.  I chose the Kilamacow, (funny right?)seared beef slow-cooked with Portobello mushrooms and herbs, topped with Irish whiskey sauce.  It was quite delicious, very hearty.  The Irish whiskey sauce gave it a very distinct flavor, it had a little tang.  Hubby got the Celtic Club Sandwich, which was HUGE, it has turkey and ham deli slices, along with homemade pimiento cheese and crisp lean bacon, with a mustard on the side.  I had a bite of it with the mustered and it was Yum-E!

Kilkenny’s has a very traditional Irish ambiance and a ample variety on their menu, anyone kind find something to eat.  The hard part is making a decision.  They of course offer a variety of beers and stouts.  They serve, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and a pub menu.  I think it would be difficult to go wrong at Kilkenny’s Irish Pub.



    • Meseidy says

      I know sounds crazy right! It was super yummy though. Hubby and I kept making jokes about he name, we found it so funny. :D

      • says

        I just found this website so this reply is a little late. All the names of the menu items are names taken from towns, rivers or streets in Kilkenny county or the city of Kilkenny. Not sure where Kilamacow is?

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