Jumping Riveras: My First Photoshop Tutorial

Jumping Riveras 4

Jumping Riveras

Some of you will remember that I was in Florida for a week not so long ago.  It was a great time with family and we had a lot of fun.  Of course I had my camera with me and I got my brother-in-law & sister-in-law to act like jumping beans for my camera.  If you can’t tell from the picture my in-laws are freaks(wink, wink, love you), but not my nephews they are just precious. 

I took this shot laying on my side in the sand, looking up.   I set my camera on rapid shooting, we counted to three and they all jumped.  Fun right?  Fiddle around with your camera check your manual and see if it has continuous or rapid shooting.  This is the best way to get a shot like this, that way you don’t necessarily have to time it just right.  At the bottom of the post I have a series of shots demonstrating this, but first thing is first.   Shall we tweak? 

This is the above shot SOOC (Straight out of Camera).  It is nice, but I want it to pop some more.   So let us tweak it in Photoshop, shall we?  Now I don’t have the big fancy Photoshop CS3 or the latest CS4, not that I don’t want it I do, but my pocketbook can’t take it right now.  Especially since I just got myself a new MacBook.  Anyways…..I do all of my editing in Photoshop Elements 6.   

This is my first Photoshop “Tutorial”.  I do not claim to be an expert, this is just what I did.  If you have any tips or suggestions they are welcomed.   Now let us begin.



The first think you want to do is create a duplicate layer.  This way you will still have the original picture if you decided you want to start over.   Go to your image on the layer window, right click and select duplicate layer.  A window will pop up asking you to name the layer, I just label it copy and click ok.

Step 1

 Now select your duplicate background, click on the black and white circle above it.   A menu will pop up, select Levels.

Step 2

 This window will pop up on your screen.  What I did for this picture, and works about 90% of the time, is select the white eye dropper.  See it under “Auto”. 

Step 3

 Your cursor will turn into an eyedropper.  With the eyedropper click on an area in the photo that you want to be white.  For this image I selected the windows of the buildings in the background.  This basically adjusts your images white balance, making what is suppose to be white, white.  See how the picture brightened up. 

But now I think their skin is a little too red.   What to do. 

Step 4

 Select your duplicate background again, click on the black & white circle, select levels and your window will open again.   Now select the drop down menu for “Channel”, click on “Red”. 

Step 5

 Here I have the channel on red.  Click on the gray triangle or arrow below the “Input Levels”.  Slide it back and forth until you get the look you want.  I adjusted mine to 0.91.

Step 6

 Finally I wanted to brighted the overall picture up.  Give it a little sunshine, you know.  I mean we were at the beach.    Select the box for the foreground color, it is in the lower left hand corner (see the big red arrow), a color selection window will pop up.  Set your colors to yellow and select a light yellow, stay in the upper left hand corner.  See where my circle is?  Pick something around there.   Once you have made your choice, click ok.

Step 7 n 8

 Now from your main menu select Edit–>Fill Layer.

Step 9

 In the fill layer window make sure you have the following settings. 

Contents: Use, select Foreground Color

Blending: Mode, select Overlay.  

I set my Opacity to 10% because this picture already had some sun in it.  You can play with the Opacity, but my experiance is don’t go over 25%.    Click, OK.   Check it out!

Step 10




Jumping Riveras 4

Here are the Jumping Riveras in action!  1….2….3….JUMP!

Jumping Riveras

 Gabi, Destyni, you guys look like someone is about to come after you.  Is there a land shark behind me?

Jumping Riveras 2

 Is this how it would look in some zero gravity tank?

Jumping Riveras 3

 Can you tell my sister-in-law was a cheerleader in high school? 

Jumping Riveras 4

 Coming down for a landing…….

Jumping Riveras 6


Jumping Riveras 8

 And the boys are OFF back to the beach!   Destyni I love you that you kept the same grin through the whole thing…..

Jumping Riveras 7

They are all crazy but I love them….their family. 😀


  1. says

    Meseidy, thank you for this tutorial!! First, the family is adorable, and you really caught a perfect shot. Second, it’s amazing how the “before” shot looks like a thunderstorm is coming, while the “after” shot looks like the skies are blue! I, for one, need major help with my photos, but I cannot afford any software on my grad-student budget. But, I really do appreciate these tutorials — they give me hope that one day my photos will look as great as yours!

  2. Amber says

    Wow! That rocks! I want Photoshop. But I need lots of time for it. I bought Final Cut last year and that has been a lot to learn! Great post! Very cool tutorial! And some way cool shots on the beach! I’m impressed as usual!

  3. says

    Does it get cooler than this? Don’t think so!
    Thank you for sharing your photography smarts with the world.
    This blog will STAY bookmarked for sure!
    I would like to learn more about photography. Your blog is a great place to start learning.

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