Introoooooooducing! Aaaaaaaanouncing!


Many moons ago I introduced you to my alter ego/mini me, my kid sister.  My kid sister and I could not be more different, opposites, contrary, unalike and dissimilar.  I think you get my point.

There is one thing we do have in common, besides our parents, is a love for food.  My sister makes a hobby of skipping around Puerto Rico scarfing down roadside treats.  Being the older sister I totally thought of a way to manipulate this to my advantage.

So today I am announcing that my wacky kid sister Maite will be guest posting here on The Noshery once a month.  She will be writing about her eating adventures through the island. Maite is a little squirrly and a lot crazy so I am sure that you will love her.

Stay tuned in because this freak has some treats for you!



  1. Mimi says

    Maite should go to a small restaurant in San Sebastian called Manhattan, they have the best churrasco in the world, well at least the best in the island. :) And if she ever comes to Lares, don’t come for the ice cream come for the limbers. There is this house in the barrio of El Jobo which has the best limbers. I am addicted to them. Coconut, corn and cinnamon, Oreo, chocolate and even peanut butter. They are to die! They call it the limber drive-thru because you buy them infront of the house, they give them to you through the balcony. Cars just make a line like a drive-thru. They also sell honey there, this is good to know when asking around for directions.

    • Mrodz says

      Wow Mimi! that’s sounds great and exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for, the lesser known places 😀 Definitely going on the list Thanx!

  2. Gloria says

    I’m sooooooooo looking fwd to this posts! Although I do eat out a lot I’m not sure they are “roadside treats” so I will wait for my recommendations after I see a few posts!

  3. Parchia says

    Mesa Verde in OSJ! If it’s still there. I had a carrot cake there a couple years ago that was almost as good as my dads!

  4. Jeanette Rivera says

    I’d love of list of your best picks, my family has been going to PR every year now and would love useful tips for places to eat. We went to el Rancho in Guavate which was super, el Fojon in Fajardo and Bebos in San Juan and would love to know what else is out there. We plan on going to Aguadilla and Caguas on our next trip, maybe Ponce too. Thanks and happy noshing!

    • Mrodz says

      Fact: La Lechonera El Rancho Original actually catered my Wedding, Awesome folks! Excellent catering!

      Stop at Yendy’s ice cream in Caguas with all the interesting/ crazy ice cream flavors across the street from Plaza Centro (the backside), Mese and I went the last time she visited :-) actually those pics up there of me were taken in the ice cream shop jeje

  5. Mrodz says

    Oh boy! I got an Intro and everything!
    So many awesome places to go, and some surprises too 😉 This is gonna e Sweet! lets do this (-.-) <—-my game face

    (I was totally going to pirate this comment after being informed it was "Talk like a Pirate day" but I figured moderation might be best for now…yar)

    Suggestions are quite Welcome! Any excuse to roam the winding roads of this great little chuck of earth.

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