Introducing Save, Print and Shopping Lists with ZipList

For some time readers have asked if there was an easy way to save and print The Noshery recipes.  When I first started blogging I tried creating PDF links, but that was tedious and I wasn’t disciplined enough to keep it up.  Then I started using Google sites to create links for printing recipes.  That worked pretty well but it was also tedious and there was no way for to easily save your favorite recipes.   Honestly, I also have wanted a way to save all of my favorite recipes that I find online.  That is why I am crazy excited to announce that, because of a partnership with  ZipList, The Noshery can now offer you this feature.  But wait, it gets better.  Not only can you save your favorite The Noshery recipes in your very own ZipList recipe box but you can also save recipes from  over dozens of other  partnering sites, including Bake at 350, Foodie with Family, Add A PinchCrazy For Crust,  My Baking AddictionPicky PalateRecipe GirlThe Novice ChefTwo Peas & Their Pod, Simply Recipes  and Oh Sweet Basil.

Zip Page

But wait there is more! In addition to storing your favorite recipes to your recipe box, you can also easily add the ingredients from a recipe to an online shopping list, which can be accessed from your mobile phone with the ZipList app. The service, both from the website and the mobile phone apps, is completely free.

Let me take you on a little tour on how to use these awesome new features.  In the menu bar here on The Noshery, you’ll see a “Recipe Box” link.  Click on the link and you can go to take advantage of all of ZipList’s awesome features.   To take full advantage you have to set up a free account if you don’t already have one.  Then you can start saving recipes from your favorite sites, as well as adding them to your shopping list or meal planner.  Pretty stinking awesome, right?

Recipe Box Link

If you want to save a recipe to your recipe box, just click on the “Save Recipe” button on the recipe card at the bottom of each post.

recipe button

This window will pop-up and it will give you the option to save the recipe or add to your shopping list and save.  SO CONVENIENT!


But wait there is even more!  I know, where does it stop?

When you add a recipe to your shopping list, click on “List” to make edits or add additional items.  Also, you see those little blue dollar signs?

Shopping List

Click on that an a window will pop-up telling you want the “Grocery Deals” in stores in your area.


Remember, to get the full ZipList experience download their mobile app allowing you access to your recipe box and shopping list no matter where you are.  Otherwise you will have to tote your computer with you to the grocery store and that’s not convenient.


Not every recipe on The Noshery has the ZipList feature yet, but everything from this past year does.  Slowly I will be integrating all the recipes with this new feature.  I hope you take advantage and enjoy this new feature as much as I do.  To learn more about ZipList visit their “How It Works” page.   Now go save some recipes and make shopping lists.


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