I Won Something! Rock on Foodbuzz!

Yesterday I got this email:

Hello Meseidy,

Congratulations!  You are the winner of the Foodbuzz Tell a Friend Weekly Raffle for the week of October 0512, 2008.  Yourprize?  Le Creuset 12 2/3-Inch Oblong Skillet Grill!  We hope you enjoy your new kitchen cookware.

Please provide for me your mailing information so we can send you your new Le Creuset 12 2/3-Inch Oblong Skillet Grill.

Thanks for playing and keep on buzzing!

Dorian Asch


I immediately went and googled “Le Creuset 12 2/3-Inch Oblong Skillet Grill” to see exactly what I won.  I was psyched to see what I had won, check it out! It apparently comes in different colors, I am curious to see what it will be.  I am super excited to have won something, especially as sweet at this!  I will be sure to keep buzzing at Foodbuzz.com!

Le Creuset Oblong Skillet Grill


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