I Remember

I remember September 11, 2001.

I remember I was still unpacking my new apartment in Arlington, VA.

I remember I had to go into court for a training.

I remember getting on the Metro at Van Dorn Station.

I remember a call from my girlfriend that a plane hit the World Trade Center.

I remember being confused.

I remember someone yelling and looking into the sky out the window, it was a plane.

I remember seeing smoke in the distance a few seconds later.

I remember being very confused.

I remember the Metro stopping at Pentagon City Mall, the train was out of service.

I remember seeing men in uniform running through the corridors towards the Pentagon.

I remember entering through the doors of the food court.

I remember stopping and looking through the closed gates of a restaurant at a TV.

I remember the first time I saw the footage of the towers being hit.

I remember seeing the footage of the south tower collapsing.

I remember feeling numb and confused.

I remember going to the top deck of the mall parking lot.

I remember seeing the flames and smoke from the Pentagon.

I remember crying.

I remember September 11, 2001.

On this day I pray for the families who lost loved ones and I pray we never forget.


  1. says

    I was at home holding my 8 month old baby and feeding breakfast to my 2 1/2 year old. I was watching Fox & Friends and called my husband at work to tell him that a plane had flown into one of the Trade Center towers. I said, “Maybe something went catastrophically wrong with the navigation system on the plane. I can’t imagine what else could’ve happened!” I was on the phone with him when the second plane hit. That’s when we knew it wasn’t an accident and that’s when everything changed.
    I still remember going outside when there was the no-fly restriction and looking up and being struck by the fact that there were, for the first time in my memory, no contrails. It was, and remains, otherwordly.
    I will not forget the sacrifice of life on that day and the following days and I surely won’t forget the families and friends left behind.

  2. GaylaT says

    I remember that I was holding my new grandbaby and walking into the bedroom where a tV was on. I couldn’t figure out what they were talking about when the second plane hit. Still I kept thinking I was not understanding that it was not a movie but real and happening while I was watching. I called the friend I was going to have lunch with and knowing she was a late sleeper, left a message to get up and turn on the TV. I told her that we were being attacked by someone and that life as we know it is over. When she called later, she told me I was over reacting by saying that. She has since changed her mind. If only we coujld to back to that time when we felt safe and secure that our country was the strongest in the world and we ran the show. I now know that having the largest army doesn’t mean we will win the war. The worst danger can come from our own government.

  3. Millie Gonzalez says

    I remember watching Good Morning America and seeing that 2nd plane hit the tower! I lived in Hollywood, FL then, retired from my job in DC. whenI saw that plane hit, I immediately recognized we were under attack and picked up the phone to call my loved ones in CA, MD & VA to make sure they were safe! And they were…but my heart goes out to all who were affected that day…who lost loved ones and hope–never to recover. May God bless them and keep them safe.

  4. Glory says

    I remember, estar sentada en mi cama asi cerca del espaldar viendo las noticias, despues que mi chika se fuera para la escuela y ahi me quede. Pasa un rato y veo el 1 avion chokar con la torre y digo no eso no es verdad; pero cuando despues yo veo el otro yo pienso eso tiene que terrorismo. Y me acorde de un sueño que yo tuve dias antes de lo sucedido, unos de los tantos sueños que he tenido y salen de verdad. Soñe que fui para NY de compras y me encuentro que todo estaba destruido y que caminba por muchos escombros. Yo siempre quize ir para NY a ver las torres y la estatua, pero ya se me hizo tarde para lo de la torres, pero no pierdo las esperanza. Temo decirle que para los que viven NY, tengan cuidado, por que hay mucha gente mala y escondida para salir en la oscuridad. Gracias y Dios bendiga America…………….;)

  5. Odette says

    I was at work, at Fire Rescue, as an Administrative support person (not a firefighter). There was an old tv on top of one of the filing cabinets that was going back to the supply bureau, but in passing, one of the light duty guys (recovering from an injury from a previous call) decided to see what was wrong with the set, & I’m glad he put it on the news channel, because to our surprise, the comments were about the 1st plane that hit one of the towers & while we were watching, the 2nd plane hit the other tower in my NYC, USA! I wondered how these terrorists could commit such an evil act against innocent people? Nonetheless, I had to stay to hire extra personnel while we secured many locations & our neighborhoods or airports have never been the same. God bless America!

  6. Lory says

    Thank you for not letting me forget. Those people who lost their loved ones, they can’t forget. May God have mercy on us. May we not be ignorant again-but we have, haven’t we? I’m sorry.

  7. says

    I remember debating going into work that morning. The week prior I found out the company I worked for was going out of business. There wasn’t much to do at work but I decided to go in anyhow, because if I went in I’d get a paycheck. I’d been watching the Today show. If I had waited 1 more minute I would not have gone into work, but I did. I frequently listened to this shock jock on the way to work. He was talking about the Trade Center being hit. I thought, “He’s gone too far. That’s not funny.” And switched the channel. And it was on every single radio station. Then my fiance at the time (now husband) called me on my cell. Our wedding was in 5 weeks. I cried to hear that he was ok. His office was in Chicago, but that morning he was visiting a client in the suburbs. We were both worried that there might be an attack on the Sears Tower. The rest of the morning I watched CNN on the tv in a conference room until the numbness went away, and I went back to my desk and cried.

  8. Silvette says

    I remember being at work and hearing a coworker talking about the plane hitting the first tower, later the second and later on the Pentagon…Oh my God! My daugther! I couldn’t get in touch with her and she worked in D.C. Everybody at work was expecting her call. I also had my nieces..one flyng from London to New York and the other one on her way back from vacation in Mexico City…I had no information about them either. You feel desperation! Finally my daugther Meseidy call. Mom! I’m all right!!!! The more beautiful words I ever heard! Thank God my nieces were also fine…one landed in Canada and the other one was still in Mexico City. Will never forget how lucky we were and I will never forget the ones that die that day and the ones that still fighting for our freedome! I love you babe!!!

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