I Got Crafty

Before mylife was taken over by moving boxes, packing paper, missing tape guns and dust bunnies I happened upon a sewing machine at a pawn shop.  I was pretty excited to find this machine and have been wanting one for some time.   Most of my friends would not peg me for the sewing type much less the crafty type, but I got my sew on and actually enjoyed it.

I decided that my first craft would appropriatly be an apron.  I found a simple $3.99 pattern for a skirt and just made half the skirt to make an apron.

Apron 550

After almost going blind trying to thread the needle on the machine I dived in head first and started to make an apron.  Considering it was my first sewing project and I managed to stitch everything together without drawing blood I am confident to declare it a sucess.


The two main things that I will have to focus on for my next apron will be gathering more evenly and doing a better job at putting the pockets on straight.  But for my first project ever on a sewing machine I think I should give myself a pat on the back.


  1. says

    You did a really good job! I’m impressed! I used to sew a long time ago and have been thinking of doing it again. An apron is a good starter item. Nice job!

  2. pamm says

    Awesome job. Can’t believe it’s your first attempt. Love the bright colors. What will you next project be?

  3. Silvette says

    Jajaja I knew it…It runs in the family…I have sewn a few outfits in my days and I ALWAYS saw at least one piece backwards…It’s genetic.

  4. Lisa says

    Awesome! An apron was one of the first things I made when learning to sew. Now a couple years later I’m making summer dresses and tops. Sewing can be addicting once you start learning.

  5. says

    I love the new apron!! I have been contemplating on getting a used sewing machine. I have absolutely no hobbies and think it would be fun to make clothes and such for Abbie. I have been checking on Craigslist but never thought of going to a pawn shop. What are the specs on your machine?

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