I Am Engaged: How it Happened (and how I messed it up)

Well to true and consistent Meseidy fashion, I kind of messed it up. Obed took me out to my favorite restaurant…….Bone Fish Grill. We had a great dinner and then he asked if I wanted to grab some coffee and do down to one of the lakes. (Being that we are in Lakeland, we have many to choose from) So we went to the drive thru at Starbucks and went down to Lake Morton. It was a lovely and romantic evening, the moon was full and there were swans laying in the grass. But unfortunatly things did not remain this way. About 5 minutes into the walk my stomach became very unhappy…………ick. Suddenly I turn to Obed and say”Um, we have to go!””Right now?””Yes, right now my stomach is not happy!”So we walk back to the car and he took me to my apartment which was close by. Of course I went straight for the potty. (Isn’’t this romantic?) So we were just chilling on the couch and I was starting to feel better. Obed turned off the tv and he had been acting very “”mushy”” which isn’’t the norm. I was wondering if something was wrong…….LOL. Then there sitting on the coach facing each other and him saying several mushy things, which I can’’t bring my self to type much less say, he reached into his shirt pocket and proposed. Yes I cried for a minute and then finally said yes. Then he confessed that he was going to do it at the lake, but my stomach had foiled his plans. HA!


  1. Shelley says

    Given the history of your stomach foiling plans…say when us and Susan went to dinner and you had to skip the movie…you may want to see a doctor. IBS? Celiac? Crazy Meseidy stomach syndrome??? Ok…I had to pick on you but I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

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