I Am Back and Married




Ok so I went missing again for awhile…..it happens.  But I am back…..again and this time I am married.  Let me tell you anyone would disappear if they had a wedding to plan, a honeymoon, a move and a new job….it can get crazy.

The wedding was most fabulous even though it rained that evening.  The honeymoon was also most fabulous even though I almost went crashing into a wood fence and instead threw myself down in the snow and twisting my knee.  But it’s all good I got to go to the spa and get a massage, so Obed could go ski and not feel guilty.

I will be updating my flickr account this evening with new pictures of the wedding and honeymoon.  I will also be updating just random pictures we have taken in the past month.  I will probably also include a tour of my new home. :) 

Married life so far has been super fun!  Even if “mystery steam” (.ie farts – which are now dubed as mystery steam), comes out from under the covers and all hours of the night.  (stinky!)

Well I will be back with more promise :)

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