Hi I am a Mac…..Hi I am a Meseidy

I am sooooo stinking excited!  That computer that has been driving me insane for the last month is finally gone.  I now have a new faster and sweeter computer thanks to Hubby.  We got me a Mac Book!  I am able to do post faster then a speeding bullet, able to edit large photos in a single bound, it’s a bird, it’s a plane NO it is Meseidy with her new super sweet, super fast MacBook.  

Last night while I was playing with my new toy, my little nephews came over.  I propted them on my knee and we started to play with the photo booth.  I think the first thing everyone plays with on their new Mac is the Photo Booth.  

Check out some of our pics.

This is us somewhat normal.

Photo 1

Still somewhat normal. 

Photo 12

Then things like this started to happen.

Photo 2

And this….

Photo 7

And this….

Photo 14

Then my other nephew joined in. Julian the one on the left was cracking up.

Photo 15

This is just bizzare…

Photo 20

This even more so….

Photo 17

Oh how we are so easily entertained….

You can see more of these pictures here.

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