Help Me Be the Next Food Blog Star!

A long, long time ago…..well about 2 years ago I started this little food blog and I joined a food blogging community by the name of Foodbuzz.  Shortly after I joined Foodbuzz I became a Featured Publisher and they offered to pay me to put this nifty ad on my site, I said SURE!

Fast forward to a month ago, I got an email announcing that Foodbuzz was going to launch Project Food Blog a project to find the “next food blog star”.   Over a period of 12 weeks there will be 10 challenges to widdle out the “next food blog star” out of almost 2,000 contestant. YIKES!    I decided what the heck, threw my hat into the ring and created my profile for Project Food Blog.  It’s time the bring it!  😀

You may have noticed that I have changed this up a bit on The Noshery.  I had been wanting to spruce things up around here, so this gave me the extra push.  I even stood in front of the mirror and took a new picture of myself holding a spoon and spatula…..really I did, look!


Now this is when you guys come in.

1.  The first challenge is September 12 and I need you all to vote for me by clicking on the vote for me button (coming soon) on The Noshery, as much as possible to help me get through the first round.  The first round drops from 2,000 contested to 400, YIKES! Don’t worry I will be shamelessly posting reminders to Twitter and Facebook, but you may also want to subscribe to The Noshery by email (check out the sidebar) and get updates directly to your inbox.

2.  Then I need you to tell all your friends how freaking awesome The Noshery is and for them to do the same thing, because if you jump off a bridge your friends will too… theory.  So re-tweet, like, share, stumbleupon and email like it’s no one’s business.

3.  Then because you all are so awesome and will help me get through the first round, I need you guys to keep coming back to vote for me.

Remember we are only 13 days away from the first challenge, so spread the word! Tell your friend’s, relatives and pets to vote for me and if I win I will make Butter Crunch Toffee for everyone.

Toffee 550





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