Hello Cupcake Winner!


Hello Cupcake (Image By Bakerella Click on Image to Visit her Site)

I know who is making cupcakes really soooooon. 😀

Melanie Hopes says:

I would love to make the drumstick cupcakes for April fools day. How fun would that be?

Love your cupcakes they are adorable.

Melanie don’t wait till April Fool’s to makes those cupcakes. :)  I hope you enjoy your prize and make tons of adorable cupcakes.

Contact me with you info at thenoshery@live.com.

I also have to add this baking fiasco from Hannah, because I thought it was stinking hilarious!

So, I have a baking fiasco story…it was quite an event at my house:

About two years ago, I was planning a weekend trip to Busch Gardens with a few friends. Always looking for an excuse to bake, I decided this trip needed muffins to accompany the ride up. So the night before, I decided to bake a batch of banana-nut cream cheese muffins. Well, the first step in making these suckers is to toast the pecans…to bring out their flava, of course. So they’re toasting away on a baking sheet in the oven while I’m upstairs chatting with my mom. All the sudden, I hear my dad yell from downstairs: “Um, something’s on FIRRRRE!!!” I run down and sure enough, the entire pan is lit up like a fireworks display (how fitting for this time of year). I frantically try to open the oven door…but somehow it had decided to lock itself up (I later realized that the oven had malfunctioned and decided to go into self-cleaning mode…not my fault). Several minutes go by…and now my mom has rushed downstairs, my dad has located the fire extinguisher, the smoke alaram has started to blare, and the fire is now leaping out the sides of the oven. How exciting. My dad tries to play fireman for a second, and manages to kill most of the flames…not all, but most. And then we decide it’s probably a good move to get on out of the house. Which we do…as two large firetrucks come barreling down the street. This is all at around 10pm, mind you. So now all the neighbors are slowly emerging out their houses.

Long story short, the firemen go into the house wearing masks, kill the oven, and about an hour later, it’s sitting out in the middle of the driveway…a hot mess (literally). The house airs out, I meet a couple new neighbors, and the chaos dies down for the night. Mission Banana-Nut Muffin aborted. BUT, the sweet ending to the story…insurance paid for a brand-new oven. A MUCH nicer one. And I’ve been getting good use out of that thing ever since. )


I plan on baking the TV dinner cupcakes next.  They look so funny!  Look for the post on Monday.  Have a great 4th weekend!

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