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Sunflower Cupcake
I have decided to take on a project.  It’s not like I have anything else to do.(Insert sarcasm here.)  I was in the car the other day with Hubby and said “I want to learn how to decorate cakes…..actually cupcakes because they are cutter.”   The next day I went out and bought the book Hello Cupcake to start on my cupcake decorating adventures.
I have decided that I am going to attempt to make every adorably decorated cake in this book.  I will try and do one cupcake recipe a week.  We will see how that goes, some of them are pretty intimidating.   Anyone want to join me in my quest to go forth and decorate?
This is my first cupcake attempt and for never having done any kind of decorating or piping I think I did ok.  Yeah some of my petals are droopy and stringy but I think that was because the icing got a little too soft.  Totally not an issue with me technique. Right?
The center of the flours are obviously oreos, the ladybugs are M&Ms and the leaves are rolled out sour apple Airheads.  Pretty cool huh?  The book recommended fruit leather, which are Fruit Roll-Ups but apparently Fruit Roll-Ups no longer come in solid colors.  Every Fruit Roll-Up I saw at the grocery store was tie die or animal print.  Some where even marketed as sticker…..gross.  When I was a kid they only came in solid colors and there was 4 of them.
The actual cupcake was a lime and cream cheese.  It was light and very refreshing.  I used the lemon poppy seed cupcake recipe from the book and just sub lime for the lemon, minus the poppy seeds.   Unfortunately since I am planning on doing the entire Hello Cupcake book I will not be posting the recipes in an attempt to avoid any copyright issues. 😀 
I will share a tip with you that wasn’t in the book. Like I said before I used Airheads to make the leaves.  Roll them up and zap them in the microwave for 10 seconds.  Then take the ball, which gets really soft, put it between two sheets of parchment paper and rolled it out .  Once it’s rolled out nice and thin, use a sharpie and draw the leaves on the parchment paper.  Let the Airheads cool and cut out the shapes using some kitchen sheers.  It was the easiest and most exact way to cut out the leaves.   Also cooled icing is the key.
Check out more pic of my cupcakes here.

But do not fret because I will give you a copy of this lovely book for the price of FREE!  Yup, going to do a little giveaway of the Hello, Cupcake book.    This book has a cupcake idea for every occasion, birthday, baby shower, wedding even April fools!  It is loaded with tons of fun and it a great project for those who have the kiddies home for the summer. 


Image from Bakerella the Cupcake Queen

1. Post a comment.  Tell us an occasion you would like to use this book for or a baking fiasco you experienced.
2. One comment per person.  Violates will be bushwacked over the head. Really.
3. Deadline Wednesday, July 1 at 11 P.M. Central Time. (because that is what time zone I am in)
4. Winner will be picked at random using the Truly Random Number Generator
5. Winner will be announced the evening of Thursday, July 2.
Have fun!


  1. Danielle C says

    From pictures I found online I attempted the ducks they have on the book. I didnt know where to find the right kind of candy for the beak and feet so i tried to use those orange slices… Lets just say, BAD IDEA. they were extremely sticky, hard to cut into the right shape, oh and too heavy. The beaks kept falling off my duck heads :( this book has been recommended to me many times, just need to get it! I want to make baking a career, one day.. :)

  2. Sandra says

    Good looking cupcakes. When I was a teen I wanted to impress my boyfriend with a lemon pie. No problem I done this many times. Well instead of using sugar I accidently used the salt and so happily put it in the graham cracker crust. As I so proudly displayed my masterpiece the response did not give me rave reviews. I was so embarrassed. Thank goodness that did not stop my gift of baking to the w-o-r-l-d. Okay, my family and friends.

  3. Carla Pullum says

    My birthday is coming up so would love to use it for that but most of all is for the bake sales at church and my girls sports.

  4. Carerra says

    You mentioned you couldnt find solid color fruit roll-ups there is an brand made with natural frut that can some times be found by the produce that had solid colors.

  5. Hannah says

    So, I have a baking fiasco story…it was quite an event at my house:

    About two years ago, I was planning a weekend trip to Busch Gardens with a few friends. Always looking for an excuse to bake, I decided this trip needed muffins to accompany the ride up. So the night before, I decided to bake a batch of banana-nut cream cheese muffins. Well, the first step in making these suckers is to toast the pecans…to bring out their flava, of course. So they’re toasting away on a baking sheet in the oven while I’m upstairs chatting with my mom. All the sudden, I hear my dad yell from downstairs: “Um, something’s on FIRRRRE!!!” I run down and sure enough, the entire pan is lit up like a fireworks display (how fitting for this time of year). I frantically try to open the oven door…but somehow it had decided to lock itself up (I later realized that the oven had malfunctioned and decided to go into self-cleaning mode…not my fault). Several minutes go by…and now my mom has rushed downstairs, my dad has located the fire extinguisher, the smoke alaram has started to blare, and the fire is now leaping out the sides of the oven. How exciting. My dad tries to play fireman for a second, and manages to kill most of the flames…not all, but most. And then we decide it’s probably a good move to get on out of the house. Which we do…as two large firetrucks come barreling down the street. This is all at around 10pm, mind you. So now all the neighbors are slowly emerging out their houses.

    Long story short, the firemen go into the house wearing masks, kill the oven, and about an hour later, it’s sitting out in the middle of the driveway…a hot mess (literally). The house airs out, I meet a couple new neighbors, and the chaos dies down for the night. Mission Banana-Nut Muffin aborted. BUT, the sweet ending to the story…insurance paid for a brand-new oven. A MUCH nicer one. And I’ve been getting good use out of that thing ever since. :o)

    THE END.

  6. Claudia says

    Here is my fiasco: I wanted to go fancy and create nice thin chocolate shells and think curved chips for my baked goodies. I had balloons and dipped them in melted chocolate. I hung up the balloons all over the kitchen to dry. Well, the chocolate was too hot and the balloons exploded!!!! I had warm chocolate EVERYWHERE in my kitchen: all the corners and spaces possible. It took so many hours to clean. It was too horrid to cry, I just laughed in shock.

    • says

      I am totally laughing at your expense. Hilarious! Simliar thing happened to me when makeing a sauce and having to sub the lid for the blender. When I turned it on the sauce was everywhere.

  7. Michele says

    This is a great giveaway Meseidy, thanks! There are so many celebrations to bake cupcakes for – birthdays, holidays, every day times to do something special for family and friends, and my daughter’s sweet 16 is coming up soon…Your cupcakes do rock! Michele

  8. Delia says

    I would love to use the recipe’s in there to make cupcakes for my nephews’ (3!) upcoming birthdays!

  9. Elaine says

    My husband thinks I love cupcakes more than him. That’s not true but I sure could use a cupcake book. My dream is to open my own cupcakery. Congratulations on a successful cupcake decorating adventure.

  10. Gilliann says

    Oh I have had many baking fiascos, especially with breads (moving to an incredibly humid place from an incredibly dry place makes getting breads to rise rather difficult…lots of trial and error).

    I have to say one of the more depressing fiascos was while baking a lovely blueberry cheesecake. After I had baked the crust and let it dry, I didn’t notice that I had gotten a tear in the bottom of the foil on the springform. Imagine my surprise when, removing the pan from the bain marie in the oven, I found a lovely blueberry-cheesecake flavored water pouring out from the foil.

    End result: soggiest. cheesecake. ever.

  11. says

    I am just starting to bake more, and saw my friends copy of this book and would love a copy of it! Too many cute ideas to choose. Here’s a baking story for you Although, not with cupcakes….

    When I was a newlywed, I decided I would be domestic and bake some bread. This was after a long day at work, and an hour commute home, but went ahead anyway. I made the bread and let it rise all while trying to keep myself awake. Well, finally the time came to put it in the bread pans and in the oven. I thought I would just lay down for a few minutes until the timer went off. See where this is going… Well, I woke up at 2:00 am to the house smelling lightly of smoke. Bolted out of bed only to find it was the bread in the oven still baking! It was *very* dark brown! It sounded hollow. My DH was curious so he took it over to my mother-in-law’s house the next day to cut it open with the band saw (yes, it was that hard!) My MIL is an excellent baker, so you can imagine how embarrassed I was when I got home from work and found out what he had done! The weird thing is that the loaf was hollow, just the hard outline of what a loaf of bread should be. Thankfully I have improved since then!

  12. Melanie Hopes says

    I would love to make the drumstick cupcakes for April fools day. How fun would that be?

    Love your cupcakes they are adorable.

  13. says

    I own this book and have never actually made something from it – I’d love to bake something along with you, though, as I’ve started experimenting with making prettier cupcakes and cakes lately. Please keep me updated if you continue!

  14. says

    I’ve been wanting that book now for awhile. I have two young girls and we love everything cupcake so we would have plenty occasions to make some cupcakes (we often need no reason at all!). I love to make cupcakes, but am still lacking in the actual decorating department of the whole process.

  15. Megan says

    Do I need an occasion to make cupcakes? I’m feeding for two so any occasion to eat cupcakes is celebration to me!!

    Of course I would make a batch for work and share them with all my coworkers!!

  16. Jenny says

    My baking fiasco:

    I decided to bake a cake for a friend’s birthday, and I invited his roommate over to help. We decided to make a chocolate devil’s food cake with chocolate ganache frosting. WELL. The roommate apparently did not know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon and put a tablespoon of baking powder into the sifter with the flour. I managed to get a bunch of it out, but the cake ended up exploding a little in the oven and burning on the edges. Then the ganache didn’t come together right, so the next day I decided to make buttercream. It is very difficult to make the Joy of Cooking’s buttercream by oneself with only a handmixer. Needless to say, there were little chunks of egg in the frosting on top of the partially burnt cake.

    Never again. But everything I’ve made since then turned out well!

  17. says

    I have a baking fiasco story (but not involving cupcakes… i hope that still counts).

    I had just started dating my now-boyfriend-of-5-years, and I decided I would bake him some cookies! At the time, baking was not my strength. I wasn’t prepared with ingredients also. Mistake #1: I didn’t have butter, so I used a tub of Smart Balance. Mistake #2: The recipe called for 1-2 Tbsp of buttermilk at the end up moisten the dough before forming balls. We didn’t have any, but we had a little carton of half-and-half. I opened it up, and liberally poured it into my dough. What comes pouring out but large smelly chunks of spoiled half-and-half!! I managed to salvage enough dough to make 4 cookies. These cookies baked, and came out as hard as a rock! They wouldn’t come off the cookie sheet, and they were hard enough to break a tooth. Suffice it to say, I made a new batch a few days later, and those turned out pretty good!

  18. Amber says

    I love cupcakes! They are the only thing I ENJOY making!
    Of course I would make em for Mia’s birthday!!!
    I don’t expect to be a winner. But that book is so cute so I must know where you got it. Mia and I can do those together!

  19. says

    I like the field of cupcakes photo! My parents wedding anniversary is coming up in August. So, I’m thinking of making cupcakes. I would love to be a part of your giveaway…and win!

  20. says

    Wow, you made those cupcakes! Can’t even believe it. You’re talented. The book would totally be used to exploit upcoming birthdays this fall. We could use the summer to practice.

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