Heads Up, Off to the Country

Beaver Bend

Beaver Bend

Just a heads up for my faithful readers…..which I think I have a few at least. I will be out of town next week. Not only will I be out of town on a mini-vacation with my Hubby, but I will be without internet. Although I am sure that I will go through a much more severe withdraw then any of my readers, I hope I will be missed, just a widdle. 😀

I may schedule some postings to publish while I am gone but I don’t know yet, need to look in my “archive”.

Hubby and I are running off to the “mountains” I think they are more like hills, but we will be somewhere in a little Lincoln log cabin in the woods. I will be sure to come back with many pictures. It is just another opportunity to play with my new toy. I think we are planning some horseback riding and jet skiing, we will see.

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