He Followed Us Home

Buddy the Puppy

Buddy the Puppy

About two nights ago Hubby and I took the doggies out for a walk, which is requires some coordination since Jake doesn’t walk on a leash so well. He will pretty much drag you down the street if you let him. 
While we were walking along this little man was laying on a porch and came running towards us.  He desperately tried to play with our dogs.  It was a mess of leashes, sniffing, growling and barking.  Finally everyone said hello, a.k.a sniffed each other, and calmed down.  I took the puppy over to the house where he came from, but the man that was there said he wasn’t his and that he had been there all afternoon.   Hubby and I went on our way walking our dogs, while the puppy ran back and forth wanting to play.   He followed us all the way home.  I am beginning to think that I may smell like bacon or something because this is the 3rd stray we have had to deal with.
He is a sweet puppy, but we are maxed out when it comes to dogs, especially one that is going to be as big as he is.  Jake and him are two peas in a pod right now, they are always together.  I went to the SPCA there in Tulsa, just to find out that they do not take dogs and that you have to take them to the City Shelter.  I called the Shelter and found out that they only keep the dog for 3 days.  After 3 days they either transfer him to another shelter, place him with a rescue or euthanize.   I couldn’t bring myself to leave this adorable pupply somewhere where he was at the risk of being put down.  The thought of it almost made me cry, so we went back home.  I have walked around the neighborhood with him asking neighbors, I have seen at least 6 lost dog sings, but non for him.  I even went to the local grocery store and pet stores to see if anyone had posted a lost dog sign for him, but no luck.
He is still here with us, running it to walls, annoying Buster & Honey and chewing on one of my flip flops.   I will have to do some research to see if we can find a rescue to take him or a good home for him. 
Also I plan on removing the bacon from my pockets. 😀


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    He definitely looks like a cute lab puppy. Why not try the local lab rescue folks. I bet they would take him in a heartbeat. Also, try CraigsList for any lsot dog notifications.

    Best of luck! He’s a cutie pie. I would be hard pressed to find him another home.

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