Happy Anniversary Love!

Today is my three year anniversary.


Three years ago today it was made official…I would get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.

We have had a lot of laughs these past three years and have accumulated a few more dogs.  I promise I won’t pick up any more strays.

I am glad you still do that silly dance that makes me laugh, even when we are in public.


I am grateful to be blessed with a husband that supports me and my dreams.

I am grateful that you are there to talk me down and keep me grounded.

I am grateful that you don’t just dream but you set goals to accomplish those dreams.


You are kind.

You are funny.

You are loving.

You are patient.

You love me even when I drive you crazy.


You are my dork and I am your dweeb and that is how is should be.

Happy Anniversary my Love!

Looking forward to many more years and maybe one more dog. 😉



  1. mUn says

    hey….many many gud luck to you gyes….its my 1st anniversary (unofficial) n ur blog made me emo……:) best of luck gys….


  2. Christina says

    Hey, you got married on a Friday! I only know that because I got married two days after you on the 9th. Congratulations!

  3. Alyse says

    Thank you for this blessing of the love that you two share.
    You two make a perfect pair.
    ( Oh my, I made a rhyme!)

  4. susan says

    I so wanted you and Obed to be the center of attention that I hid behind Obed in the third photo above. Geez, all of your other friends are such spotlight hoggers! Hah! Happy Anniversary to my favorite dweeb and dork combo!

    • Shelley says

      Congrats to you both and a tongue stuck out to Susan…I was just doing what I was told (Love ya, Mean it) :-)

  5. Raquel Rivera says

    OMG !!! Already 3 years !! Our children happiness is our happiness !!! We pray to The Lord that he keep guiding your marriage for the rest of your lives !!! We love you guys very much !!!! Be Blessed !!!!

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