Hanging with the Boys

This weekend I managed to also squeeze in a visit with 0ne of my dearest friends Shelley.   I flew in to Virginia late Thursday night and drove out to the country where she lives.  She literally lives in the country, she is surrounded by cotton fields.  It was a bit of a challenge finding her home on a dark country.  At one point I turned into a field, thinking it was her driveway.  Don’t ask me how….I just did.

It was great to see Shelley.  She was my matron of honor at my wedding and I hadn’t seen her since the wedding.  In fact she was almost 2 months pregnant with this guy.  His name is Justus, isn’t he a doll?  I got my fill of babies this weekend, I suddenly have this urge to procreate. 


Justus is pretty bright for a 1 year old.  I mean look at him here, he is deep in thought.  We were having a deep philosophical discussion on the differences between Hot Wheels vs. Tonka Trucks.


Not really, he was just chowing on some raisins.


This here is Aaron, Shelley’s oldest boy.  He is 3 years old and when he was just 3 months old, we danced and sang YMCA together.  In fact I ams sure there is a video floating around somewhere of the incident.  I asked Shelley if he had any traumatic recollection of the event and she assured me that he did not. 

Aaron is demonstrating to me how delicious rasins are.  I thought of busting out singing “Heard it Through the Grapevine” by the California Rasins, (remember that commercial?)  but that he would have rememberd and I did not want to tramatize the child. 

Aaron eating rasins

Then he put on the “I am such a cute 3 year old” face and asked his mother when was I going to go outside and play with him. 


Since his face was so cute and irresistible and since I am such a sucker, we went outside to play.


First we ran down the very long drive way on his bike.  Well he rode his bike….I ran…or tried to.


Then he decided that we needed to find his wagon to haul some pine needles. 


I told him I was tired from running down the driveway and asked if he would pull me in his wagon.  He very honestly said, “That’s silly, your too big!”  He crushed me with his honesty.


After we gathered some pine needles we took them over to the horses.  Mr. Horse did not seem to be very interested in pine needles as and afternoon snack.

Aaron & Horse

Before we headed back inside I asked Aaron to give me a silly face.  This is the face that I got.  Ask a 3 yr old for a silly face and you get an T-Rex coming to eat you.


Here is another silly face, not quite as scary.



  1. susan says

    Oh, how I miss them! They are just so adorable and I LOVE Aaron’s response to your request for him to pull you in the wagon. Too funny!

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