Haircut, Headband or Scrunchi?

I walked into the kitchen early this morning to find Buster sitting in the middle of the kitchen.  I looked at him and thought dude brush your hair.  Then I thought really I should cut your hair.  I use to cut it into this cute mohawk that was so appropriate for his personality.

Buster 600x400

Then I thought maybe I could just get a mini version of those big poofy headbands Hilary Clinton use to wear back in the early 90’s.


Then again knowing him that won’t hold for very long so maybe a velvet scrunchi.  Remember when we all had those velvet scrunchis or better yet the stone-wash denim scrunchi?


Then I thought what the heck let’s go way back in time and try a banana clip!  Does anyone know where I can get a mini-banana clip for Buster here.  It would produce a pretty sweet faux-hawk.   Then I can hold off on the haircut a bit more….since he is such a fan of that….NOT!



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