Guest Room Decor on the Cheap

Several months back I started the project of redecorating the guest room.  My goal was to use only second hand and discounted items.  For the most part I accomplished that goal except for a few new items from Ikea. Which I was ok with because they were at such a great deal.

I consider the room pretty much complete except I need a few more items to hang on the walls.  Especially around the bed.

Let me take you on a little tour.

Guest Room

The walls were a pale yellow so I painted them white.  I got my hands on 4 gallons of dove white at an estate sale of a hardware store, an awesome score.  I hunted high and low for bedding and found a great set at BB&B.  I had a 20% coupon and finally settled on this mini duvet set.  It fit perfectly with my orange and grey motif. I got the bed sheets in the college bedding section at Walmart.  Those college kids like bright colors.

The headboard is made of some old vintage windows and the lights mounted on the wall are from Ikea. The lights give the room a very warm and cozy feeling.  I decided to remove the painted panels and plan to replace them with some panels covered in orange fabric, eventually.

Guest Room

The curtain was a simple project.  I found a bright orange shower curtain on clearance for $6 at Target.  I cut the curtain in half and hemmed the edge.  I hung it using some cute shower curtain hooks I had stored away.  I got the curtain rod for $4 at Big Lots.   I am going to keep an eye out for a fabric shower curtain liner on clearance to block out some more of the sunlight.

Guest Room

Do you remember that sofa that we drove all the way out to Kansas City for? We decided to put it in the guest room.  I haven’t had time to get the cushions reupholstered so I got a grey twin sheet and used it as a sofa cover. It’s all about being resourceful.

Guest Room

The flowers that are sprinkled across the wall were white when I first bought them, but they would just disappear into the wall.  So, I painted them with a can of high gloss bright orange spray paint.  I had a 20% coupon for the flowers and the can of paint was like $2.

Guest Room

This dresser has been in the guest room since Obed and I got married.  I got it from the Goodwill for $50.  I sanded it and painted it.  When I first painted it, I painted it dark brown, but I decided to paint it grey to go with the new guest room.   Obed thought I was crazy to paint it grey but I LOVE IT!  It worked out perfectly in the room.

Guest Room

The bedside tables, lamps and box are from IKEA.  Obed went on a business trip to Dallas and was kind enough to do some shopping for me.  The vase is from an estate sale and the flower at Walmart.

Guest Room

This table/lamp was a great find.  I got it for $12 the Salvation Army.  I was super excited when I spotted it.  All I had to do was dust it off and get a new lamp shade.  The fan you may have seen before in a previous post.

Guest Room

I plan to keep an eye out for a few more things to put up on the wall but I love these two.  The picture I got at an estate sale for $2 and the mirror is from Ikea for $20.

Guest Room

I am super pleased with how the room turned out.  I even told Obed that I kind of which is was our room.  Buster seems to like it too.


  1. says

    LOVE this!!! What an inspiration. We are about to move and I love getting new fresh ideas about what to do in new spaces. Thanks.

  2. Amber Rodriguez says

    I love the colors and isn’t Ikea just the best store?!? My husband Hiram wanted to go with plum and lavander in our room and I couldnt find and curtains to match… So I used your idea with shower curtains… CANT EVEN TELL!

  3. Doris says

    Good job. Love the bright colors. Lamps over the bed gives it a nice touch.
    But………what’s up with the fan on the night stand?????????

  4. says

    Very well put together and tasteful! :) My husband and I are also in the process of refurnishing + redocorating our guest room as well but we don’t have as much room to play with. Gotta start the hunt for some parts…

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aww…Buster’s so cute!!!!

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