Good Bye Buddy!


Good Bye!

Buddy the puppy is finally and officially gone. :(    Over a month ago Hubby and I took our pack of dogs out for a walk.  While we were walking we came across a lab mix puppy that decided to follow us home. 

He is a mess!  He is your typical large breed puppy that doesn’t realize his strength or his size.  Buddy has a ton of energy and as much as he tried to get our dogs to play with him they just weren’t up to it.  Which, would usually progress into bickering or a fight.  I can’t blame Honey, he was always pulling on her tail and spiking her hair with is personal “hair gel”.  Gross!  Jake wasn’t crazy about him because he kept stealing his bed and his ball.  Jake has all the patience in the world but there was more then a few times that he let Buddy know he was bigger.  Finally Buster, our dog with the Napoleon complex.  He didn’t like him just because he breathed, period!  Anytime we had to disciple Buddy, Buster would jump right in to “help”. Like we needed the help.  *rolling eyes*

Was I sad when Buddy was picked up by his new owner?  Yes.  The dog had been with us over a month.  Regardless of how obnoxious he was, you can’t help but get a little attached.  However I will admit that my house has suddenly become much more peaceful.  Not to mention I feel like I have 5 times more room.  A house with 4 dogs gets pretty crowded. 

During his stay I lost 3 pairs of flip-flops and some stilettos.  Hubby lost 1 pair of flip-flops and a baseball that was signed by his entire college baseball team. That was really disappointing.  An entire apple pie was eaten off the kitchen counter.   He dug muddy holes in the yard, laid in them and then decided to clean himself off on my sofa.  He would come running at you full throttle and head-butt you from behind.  He would take a out a wall at almost every turn. But he is a puppy and you can’t expect much more from a puppy.  He was sweet and lovable and he was never to far from his beloved stuffed bunny.

When his new owner came to get him, I could see he was excited.  I hope that he is happy and loved at his new home.


  1. Vicki says

    What made you choose the new owner? If they decide they don’t want him after some time, what happens? As a rescuer, I am concerned.

    • says

      I appreciate your concern. We met with the new owner and even saw his home, where he already had his bed and kennel set up. Also I have his number and have contacted him since the took Buddy in. In fact I recently saw him being walked. They live only 5 minutes from my home.

      I also, told him that if for any reason they cannot keep him to please contact me and we will take him in.

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