GIVEAWAY: While I am away

OB and I have jumped on a plane and ran away to FL to visit his tribe (clan would be too Scottish), who I love dearly. While we are here we are hitting the beach, hanging with the fam and enjoying my MIL’s home cooking where she does it old school.

In honor of my MIL and cookin it old school. That is a play on kickin it old school, in case you didn’t catch it, which I am sure your did because you are all geniuses and I am just rambling now….ok I’ll stop.

Anyway in honor of cookin’ it old school I decided to do a giveaway while I am here in FL. You are going to love this!

To make you and your family a big caldero or arroz con pollo or sopon de gandules, I present you with a Cast Aluminum Caldero 3.7 quart.

With your rice or sopon you probably want some mofongo, so you will also get a jumbo wood motar with pestle.

Maybe you don’t want mofongo, maybe your more in the mood for some tostones. Well you are in luck because with this jumbo wood tostonera you can make all the tostones you want.


If you would like a little personal aid in making arroz con pollo, mofongo or tostones, you can use your new copy of Puerto Rican Cookery or Cocina Criolla. Depending if you want a copy in English or Spanish.


After enjoying this wonderful meal you will probably want to finish it off with a cup of the best coffee ever, Cafe Yaucono!

Finally since coffee tastes best when brewed old school you will also get a 3-cup stovetop espresso coffee percolator.


It is the ultimate essential Puerto Rican survivor kit!

  • 1 3.7 Quart Aluminum Caldero
  • 1 Jumbo Wood Mortar & Pestel
  • 1 Jumbo Wood Tostonera
  • 1 Copy of Puerto Rican Cookery (English) or Cocina Criolla (Spanish)
  • 1 14 oz bag of Cafe Yaucono
  • 1 3-cup Stovetop Espresso Percolator
*items maybe substituted depending on availability.

How do you enter?



Jennifer R @jen_xavy  contact me at to claim your prize.

There are multiple ways to enter, improving your chances. Leave a separate comment for each entry.

  • Tell me your favorite family vacation memory in the comments section.
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Entry cut off is Sunday September 30th at 12 am pacific time. Winner will be announced sometime Monday.


Giveaway open to the US & PUERTO RICO residents only.


**This giveaway is sponsored by non other then me, myself and I.


  1. Alishia S. Mason says

    I missed it, too! My favorite vacation was when my boyfriend and I spent Valentine’s Day in St. Louis, Mo at the W. The view was beautiful, there was a jacuzzi tub, wonderful meals that included wine and best of all I was with my love. :)

    I can not wait to vacation again!

  2. says

    I liked the Noshery on facebook thank you again for the additional entry. Wow what I could make in the Cast Aluminum Caldero. Thank you again. Hope you enjoyed your vacation. Fingers Crossed!

  3. says

    My favorite vacation memory is back when I was a child. I was living in Southern Cali but my grandparents were back in Southern Ms and I use to go back every summer, I loved sitting around the kitchen table enjoying all of grandma’s goodies.

  4. says

    My favorite family vacation had to be when I was in 4th grade and I got to take some time off of school to go to Disney. Disney is a magical place for kids and especially if you got to miss school!

  5. Kelly G. says

    Best family vacation was this past summer with my 3 little ones and hubby…10 hr road trip to NM- lol!! Always great to be with the family…

  6. Matt says

    Favorite family vacation: Actually a series of vacations up with my family on a peaceful little pond in central main. The water was clear, the fishing was great, the ground was sandy, and the nights were cool. Food was usually simple lots of corn veggies and chicken. Occasionally some lobsters.

  7. Micaela Torregrosa-Mahoney says

    my favorite vacation memory is going to Crater Lake National Park with my oldest son and my padrino (and his wife) during a weeklong drive around Oregon in August 2000. We hung out at the crater’s rim to watch the sunset and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, it seemed like the sky, earth & water exploded with color. To be able to witness that with people I love was just amazing.

  8. Millie Gonzalez says

    My favorite memory was being a child, growing up in the Bronx and looking forward to vacations in Puerto Rico, every 4 years. We would arrive in San Juan & couldn’t wait for the 3 hour trip to Grandma’s house in Rincon, and that wonderful golden beach. My fondest memory was watching my Grandma cook with her daughters, (my Mom and her sisters) making longaniza and turron de coco from scratch on a fogon (coal stove). They are all gone now (and so is the fogon) but the memory lives forever. We have Mom’s recipes to share. My brother who lives in PR is visiting me in FL and copying them onto his laptop. We’ve been cooking all week in Mom’s pots which I inherited. What a treasure to share!

  9. Carmen Quinones says

    My favorite vacation was our trip to Israel where we were baptized at Yardenit, the sacred Jordan river in Israel :-)

  10. Eric says

    Favorite family vacation is a tough one. This last trip to PR we ended up hitting Fajardo with the 3 kids and kayaking out to the bioluminescent bay. It is such an awesome experience as there is no way to describe it or even take decent pictures of it. But splashing your kids with a kayak paddle to have the water suddenly look like blacklight paint as it moves is an incredible experience.

  11. Kaitlyn Tanner says

    One of my favorite vacations was with my family when we went to Kanab Utah to visit the animal sanctuary there! It was so great!

  12. LORI ROSE says


  13. Susan says

    My favorite vacation memory is seeing the Northern Lights in Norway last year. I was practically jumping up and down in excitement.

  14. Alice Epstein says

    we recently drove to Niagara falls. Though it wasn’t a vacation but more of a weekend get away – it’s definitely a great place to go (even our preteen was impressed:))

  15. Chrissa says

    Ooooh, *great* giveaway!!! One of my favorite vacations was a cruise my husband and I went on with my parents and brother. We got to spend a few days in Puerto Rico, and I had the chance to meet my husband’s grandparents. I will always remember the cafe con leche my new Abuela made for me :-)

  16. Vanessa says

    The last family trip we made to Puerto Rico has to be my favorite. My dad took us to the house where he grew up as a little kid and we went exploring through the forest following a stream into a massive cave. It was amazing to see the fun my dad would have with his siblings when they were little. We had a blast! (Even if I did fall in the mud a few dozen times and looked like the swamp monster on the treck back to the car, lol)

  17. Juan R says

    Hello from Spring Hill, Fl…..
    Have fun and enjoy your va ca…..Since I live in Florida, I am always on vacation and my fondest memory of a vacation , is the day I move here with my family, 11 years ago. Thanks for all the great and delicious Ideas, you truly are a GENIUS also , so pat yourself on the back and have lots of fun in the sun.

  18. Dana says

    Favorite vacation memory was driving to the Black Hills in South Dakota to meet all the relatives and cram into a cabin for a week of horseback riding, hiking, and cookouts.

  19. Gloria says

    My favorite vacation memory is going with the whole family to “Las Cabañas” en Boqueron! So many good times! And awesome BBQ’s too!

  20. Paula says

    As a young girl, my family always rented a cottage on the Lake for a week or two. Such fond memories playing with all my brothers and sisters in the water and then playing board games or cards at night….those were the days!

  21. Jeffrey says

    My favorite vacation memory is when my wife and I got married. We went on a cruise and while at port we were married with about 15 friends and family as witnesses. Some of the vacations we’ve had with the kids have been fun, but nothing tops the “one”. It’ll be 13 years this coming weekend and I am still very happy!

  22. Paulina J! says

    My favorite vacations were going back to Dominican Republic ALL summer once school was over! We got to go to the beach and were spoiled by abuela and the tias. Man, I wish I wasn’t an adult.

  23. Sarah H.P. says

    We went to South Dakota when I was younger and had a whole lot of fun with car breakdowns in the Black Hills and panning for gold at the museums!!

  24. ana g says

    My favorite vacation would have to be the most recent one I took to Playa del Carmen – I enjoyed relaxing and watching my children enjoy the culture, food and beach. It was awesome :)

    I like you on facebook and also subscribe via email.

  25. nan postel says

    Favorite vaca? On a sailboat out of Fajardo and swimming in Palomino Island when i was 12…ahhh….not a care in the world! :)

  26. Damaris Gutierrez says

    My foundest vacation memory is… family and I are the empitomy of the brady bunch. When my parents divorced my very Puertorican father had the privilege of raising my brother and I in the state of MD. After many years of being alone he got remarried to a wonderful woman that has three children. Familia had a whole new meaning. We actually called family meetings to talk about who has what responsibilities. I only wished that I could be younger to have more time with my new familia. Unfortunately I was older and I soon got married and I was off to build my own familia in NYC. However, every summer I was able to reunite with my siblings and parents to have a family vacation. I contemplated for a few years moving back to MD to be closer to my family but especially my father. My Dad had always asked me to move back but I didnt feel like the time was right. After 8 years of being in the big City my husband decided it was time to move back to MD. Our daughter was going to start school and of course nothing but the best for our little ones. So on our 2009 vacation I was able to tell my that I was moving back home…boy if I can bottle up his reaction and sell it I would be a rich girl. Maying him that happy is one of the best feelings in the world. Of course everything happens for a reason……that vacation in 2009 would be our last with my Dad. He passed away of heart complications…but not before giving me the best last couple of years with him and of course all of his delicious puertorican recipes. I miss him dearly…but at least I have arroz con gandules, alcapurrias, pernil to remind me of him. Family Vacations will never be the same. Te extrano Papi.

  27. MaryB says

    My favorite vacation memory is the SURPRISE trip to Disneyland we took with our 9 year old son. He thought we were just dropping his Dad off at the airport for a business trip and the look on his face was great when he found out we were all going to Disneyland instead.

  28. Trudy Medrano says

    My favorite family vacation memory would have to be the the utter joy on our son’s face the first time my husband & I took him on the teapots at Disney World

  29. julia caraballo says

    My mother gave each one of her daughters the Puerto Rican Cookery Cookbook when each of us got married. I still have mine, it a little worn and stained around the edges but its still the go to cookbook and really the only one you need.

  30. Brenda Rosario says

    what memories…i remember being 6 years old and hiding under the kitchen table while my grandmama made arroz con gandules in her caldero, brewed her coffee and made tostones…every time she turned around i would steal some tostones..i remember her complaining how she seems to be cooking all day and her food just disappers..i can still close my eyes and remember the smell of the food…i am only 69years old now HA HA amazing and i still miss those days, especially my mama…

  31. Minerva says

    My husband and I moved to Florida and my children and grandchildren all live in Puerto Rico, we went to Puerto Rico to spend the Christmas Holidays with them. The whole family got together and we had a big feast with lots of food (this is something we always did when I lived in Puerto Rico, a custom my mom passed down to me and I to my children). I miss those days…

  32. Abi says

    We were on our way to visit family in PR when we missed our connecting flight in Ft. lauderdale. After controlling my fuming husband and screaming child at 2 AM we stayed the night in a great hotel. The next day we rented a car and drove to Miami for an impromptu visit to relatives and time on the beach. Those 2 days were the best vacation we’ve had to date!

  33. Kel says

    In 1994 we took a trip to the western states. We just pulled out the video last night and watched it – sadly it lost the sound!

  34. Kandyce says

    My favorite vacation memory right now is the vacation my husband and I took this March for our five year anniversary, we went up to Milwaukee and had a great time, and when I came back and couldn’t figure out why I felt hungover for a week straight when I didn’t even drink that much, we found out that I was pregnant with our first baby!

  35. says

    My wife and I went to El Rancho Oringinale in Guavate, PR. We drove through the rain…up the mountain. It was worth every scary moment. The most delicious pork I’ve ever had, and I’m from Georgia.

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