Fellow Suffers of Chronic Late Fees and Un-checked Mail: I Have the Answer!

Are you like me?  Do you rent movies at your local movie rental and then forget to turn them in or forget about them altogether?  Are you incessantly paying late fee? Do you walk or drive by your mailbox everyday and forget to check it, letting bills and shoppers pile up on your mail box?  Well I have the remedy for you…..NetFlix! 


Now I have heard a few people complain about Netflix but it has solved to evils in my life…ie, Movie Rental late fees and checking the mailbox.  Not to long ago my now husband banded me from all of our local movie rental joints. Why?  Because the $4 rental would end up costing us more like $15.  We came to the conclusion that I have Retalreturningitis.

Then there is the issue of checking the mail.  My friend and former roommate Susan knows this problem well. If she ever went out of town she would call and remind me to check the mail.  When I lived alone in my apartment I averaged checking the mail about every 2 weeks. 

For a person like me Netflix has resolved both of these problems.  I know return the movies by mail and in anticipate of my next movie I actually check the mail.  Now the trick with Netflix is keeping up your queue and letting your little dog get hold of the envelopes and tearing them up.  

So I am proud to say…..Susan & Obed I finally return movies and check the mail.  I AM CURED!   


  1. The Maid says

    Wow…this is a day that I NEVER thought would come! Simply amazing. I am proud of you!

    I wonder if Obed has done a cost benefit analysis to determine if there really is a cost savings involved. For example, is the monthly NetFlix fee less than the cost of your previous rental history (including late fees). The variables here would be how many movies you actually rented before, how many times the movies were returned late, and the period of time you were banned from renting anymore movies.

    I point this out not to rain on the “I’m cured” parade but simply to make sure that it is not a pseudo cure or that the late-fee problem doesn’t transfer itself to some other area of your life…

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