Father’s Day at Palmas Station

This is a guest post written by my kid sister Maite.  She took our dad on a Father’s Day outing. Wish I could have been there. 




Father’s Day!

Hi, I’m back guest posting in honor of all those amazing dads out there on their day! And as my specialty is unique local fun spots, I took the opportunity to hang out with our dad at an especially cool joint called Palmas Station that would appeal to our very own manly man.


As the name suggests this place is actually a gas station! Well… a gas station, slash biker store, slash artisanal beer shop, slash tattoo parlor! Pretty cool huh? Yep, I think so.


It’s a very accessible spot just out of the San Juan area in the town of Cataño. Take the expressway 22 and go down exit 11 and you should see it almost immediately, if you pass it, no prob, just loop around the back and you’ll come back out at the right spot.

After parking you actually have to walk through the gas pumps (fitted with flat screens) to enter the restaurant area. Their main deal is the large selection of beers but the food is good too. The tables are either the regular variety or large wooden barrels with stools around them.


You’ll be eating and drinking surrounded by beers and leather and all sorts of motorcycle merchandise.

We went during the day and a variety of people came and went. You got the leather clad, metal studded nice weekend bikers, relaxed sunburned beach goers and both visiting and local families doing the traditional Saturday island touring.

It was just the four of us, mother, father, hubby and me. Dad, husband and I each tried a different beer (mom was driving) and decided to order a large sampler to share between the four of us. The biggest one was the Saltomonte which was priced at 29.99. It seemed really expensive for a sampler but when it arrived it was seriously huge. I mean the monte part of the name was certainly accurate.


Chicken, pizza and beef empanadillas, sausages, wings, sorullo balls, fried beef and breaded shrimp all hanging on a rack suspended over a plate of french fries with ground beef, cheese and bacon!! Perfect beer tasting food.

After eating we strolled around the place looking at all the fringed leather and bandanas. At the very back of the store there’s an entrance to a tattoo parlor for the adventurous and the rebels without a cause. They have a window that faces outside, so forewarned, you might inadvertently see someone getting inked.


If you’re here on vacation, during the day it’s very family friendly, (I saw a few happy tanned kids there myself) with weekday lunch specials and at night it’s a great place to hang out. There’s plenty of music, sports events and happy hours with a more mature crowd than you might see in Old San Juan.

And Dad? Well… fried food, a variety of beers and cool biker stuff in a relaxed setting with the family? Yeah, I think he liked it.

Happy Father’s Day to all those great dads like ours out there!!


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