Estate Sale Shopping

I have discovered a dangerous new love…..the Estate Sale.  Why do I love the Estate Sale?  Let me explain.

It’s like a garage sale but cooler and air conditioned.  Mind you I am not a fan of garage sales.  I personally don’t find it enjoyable to stand out under the hot sun and pick through someone else’s stuff.

With estate sales usually someone has passed away, retiring or moving and they want to get rid of almost everything.  The house is cleared out and the items that are for sale are neatly organized on tables through the house.  You will find items, that I think, are more interesting then what you find at a garage sale.  A lot of times it is like a “pop-up” antique/collection store.

Estate Sale

First I got this interesting sign.  I liked the font and the angel on the sign.  Got this for $4.

I also got a set of 4 large ceramic ramekins that are perfect for making souffles for $4.   I forgot to photograph them but you can almost see them on the second shelf of the bakers rack, far left.  They have pretty little hand painted flowers on them.

Estate Sale

I went digging through the garage I found this neat kit.  I thought the husband would get a kick out of it.  It’s a great camping kit with 2 pans, 3 pots, coffee kettle, 4 cups and 4 plates.

Estate Sale

What was really neat is that everything fits nestled in the large pot.  Extra cool I got this kit for $6.

Estate Sale

When I found this I got really excited.  I have been wanting a pot rack forever, even though I have no where to put it right now.  Granted the rack is missing the hooks, but it was still a deal for $16.

Estate Sale

In a small box in a corner I found a stack of old records and thought they would look neat on the wall…..$5 for all the records.

Estate Sale

I didn’t recognize most of the artist but I tried to pick songs that I knew, like “It Had To Be You” and “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”.

Estate Sale

A few days later at another sale I fell in love with this mirror.  It one heavy sucker and trimmed in wrought iron.  I walked away with this for $30.

Estate Sale

The four corners looked aged and are scribbled with words that I cannot read but I think are cool.

Estate Sale

Finally I found these old window, which I plan to strip, sand and paint and use them as picture frames.  I will keep you posted on how they turn out.  I got these for $2 each.

Estate Sale

If you are looking for something different and interesting you should give the estate sale a try.  At an estate sale you can find antiques, collectables, linens, craft supplies, tools and hardware.

“Google” estate sales and your city and you should get some hits for estate sale companies.  When you visit the site look for a link to sign up to receive emails on estate sales announcements and you can search estate sale on Craigslist.

Usually an estate sale will go for several days.  Visit first thing on day one, to see if there are any really good must have items and if you see a few things that are interesting but not to die for, wait a day or two and you may get it for 50% or 60% off, sometimes more.

Go forth my friends, Google, search, visit and purchase you will be surprised what you find.


  1. Yajaira says

    Hmmm, I found your website… around Thanksgiving…and I’m just getting across this… I guess I’ve been too busy cooking Arroz con Dulce or Asopao de Camarones/Pollo…lol! I loooooveeee antiques… although I haven’t tried a Estate Sale… I am always looking for anything old/ordinary! I love that mirror… and I love kitchen gadgets… wish I love to cook as much…lol. Love your finds!


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